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There are few things that can inspire a song more than the power of true emotions experienced by the author, and some of the greatest songs ever written have been the songwriters life held up for everyone to see. Singer/songwriter Brandon Frazier understands the power of opening his life and emotions to the listener. In every song that he writes, his lyrical depth shines a spotlight into his soul with the hope that at least one person will understand exactly how he feels. "The only way I really write is through emotion and feeling", Brandon says. "I was always taught to show your emotion and to be a very emotional person so, thats where I draw a lot of my music from". Brandon has been taping into his emotions since an early age having used music as an escape while in junior high. Finding it difficult to fit into the cliques at school, Brandon would spend hours locked in his bedroom playing the guitar, singing, writing songs and listening to music. "That turned out to be a door of opportunity for me", Brandon remembers. "It just became part of my life and I knew then that it was something I definitely wanted to pursue". Though emotions inspired the songs, it was his grandfather that influenced Brandon to chase after his dreams of performing. A talented singer himself, his grandfather never aspired to do anything more than sing for friends. When asked why, he replied, "I didnt think I was that good". Brandon saw all that his grandfather could have been and decided that his life would be filled with too many what ifs if he didnt at least try. "You only get to live your life one time", comments Brandon. "So, if you live your life and you havent done anything worthwhile or anything worth taking a risk for, then how can you say that youve really lived at all"? Brandons positive outlook has allowed him to step through open doors with courage, and has given him adventurous stories to share with his future children and grandchildren. Through his involvement with Book of Hope, an international non-profit organization, he traveled with an indie band around the world performing in Latin America, Europe and more. Every where they went, the band was met with enthusiastic crowds that gave them a glimpse into the life of a rock star. Though their future as a band looked promising, the members of the band had begun to drift along different life paths, and they eventually parted ways. The change left Brandon at a crossroads in his career, and he began searching for the next step. Though he had always sung with his bands, his music began demanding a more stripped-down setting. So, with little more than hope, Brandon moved to Nashville and began performing at places like the famed Bluebird Cafe with just him and his guitar. "Theres something about it just being me", Brandon comments. "It has always been something that has come naturally to me, because Ive never been afraid to get up with a guitar and sing. There is a certain raw energy that comes off of just that". The bare acoustic sound of the guitar matched the simple lyrics that were spinning through Brandons mind as he sat down to write the songs. Each word came out steeped in imagery and effortlessly painted a picture in the air between the notes. Holding back nothing, he allowed every experienced feeling to flow throughout the words of the songs. "I can actually now be more clearer about making a song into not so much a story, but a glimpse into a shadow of life", Brandon says. "I want to have who ever hears me say, I felt that and I know what that means. Thats the ultimate goal of any songwriter". It is the desire to be relevant that brings Brandon back to his guitar each time, ready to let the emotions of his life take over. It is what has taken him around the world and what has brought him to Nashville. His music has brought him a long way in life, but the journey has really just begun. "This is what I love, and this is what I want to do, Brandon says. Thats just it, period."