Brandon Hans

Brandon Hans


Brandon Hans is a songwriter and music producer based on the Jersey Shore. His latest production "One Hit Is All I Need" is available on iTunes. Other credits include performance, writing and production work on "The Trippin' Troll Project" by Phantasma, and "Time to Relax" in 2004.


Brandon Hans is an accomplished musician, songwriter and producer. With 4 fully produced CDs under is belt and two in the works, Brandon is pushing forward with his musical career despite the critical economic state.

Tired of trying to fit into the popular molds of musical genre, Brandon Hans writes music that comes to him, regardless of style. His music ranges from classic blues, rock and roll, to jazz and country. His drive to create great songs dwarfs any consideration of conforming to a particular style.

As a music producer, Brandon develops an artists long before the tape starts rolling. In the last 2 years, working along side recording legend Martin Bisi, he has developed a keen ear for arrangements and believes in the artists he works with.

There is much more to come from this prolific artist.


After You've Gone

Written By: Brandon Hans

“After You’ve Gone”

After you’ve gone…
and the lights have faded
There’ll still be a sound on the radio

And after you’ve gone…
there’s no tellin’ where I’m goin’ to
The life that I’m living
and the choices I’m chosin’

Have got me on tilt.
Tonight, it’s all right by me

After you’ve gone…
and the sun melts the night away
With watercolor demigods
in crimson and gray

After you’ve gone…
and a different lights surrounds me now
I can see my reflection
in the river before me

But I think it’s too deep.
It’s too deep to touch the bottom

Hold me now and remember how it used to feel
Before the lightning caught your eye
Before the rain and the wind swept you away
Before you said “Goodbye”

And after you’ve gone…
and your shadow lies across the floor
I’ll think back to a better time and pray for something more

And after you’ve gone…
and I curse myself for each mistake
My head starts to swim with all the steps I’ll have to take

To get myself back…
Back to where I want to be

And I can’t wait ‘til the sun goes down and all the colors fade
I drive right down to the riverside and dive head in for the first time
I can’t wait ‘til my eyes are closed.
I can’t wait ‘til I’m asleep
I’ll slide straight down to the riverbed, where dreamin’ is so close to seein’ you


"The Trippin' Troll Project" ©1999, Phantasma

"Time to Relax" ©2004, Brandon Hans

"At the Coffee House" © 2005, YoliAlto

"One Hit Is All I Need" ©2007, Brandon Hans

Set List

Original Material:
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After You've Gone
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