Brandon IV

Brandon IV

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

It's powerful, original, marketable, unique, emotional, unexpected, & different. Different because it has a vision, a vision that is only told from me. Unexpected because its new, new as in fresh. It comes from the heart & mind so its emotional, it has feelings. Unique for being rare, unrepeated.


Late 1930s color television was introduced. Early 2005 Brandon IV brought his creativity to another level. An up & coming artist/songwriter introducing a unique style, alternative hip-hop meets hardcore. Born & raised in Fort Worth, TX & being brought to the Texas rap; he separates himself by having a universal image with a metaphorical and introspective; save this in my iPod flow. Inspired by artist from the top to the bottom, motivated him to strive for more. He explains, "Being who I am is more undefined because my ideas & thoughts are powerful in which what makes me out stand. You'll never know what’s playing in my headphones because I experience all genres”. What makes Brandon different from artist is that he knows what he wants, he's very determined, doesn't settle for less, a artist who's about being creative & being himself within, but at the same time he's someone who is always willing to learn & try new things. Having ambition & confidence on taking things further with his life & talent, Brandon IV takes a big step in his life & moves to the city of entertainment; Los Angeles California. After attending The Los Angeles Recording School for approximately 9 months, he drops out to focus more on writing & recording. He's accomplished great things on his own like performing for Atlantic Records rep in New York city to pre-releasing his new single called "Take It Off" that he wrote. Being busy working on the music video for the hit record he manages to still write great music & promote himself. The life of Brandon IV is no where near over.


Album coming soon