Brandon Jenkins

Brandon Jenkins


One of the premier performing singer/songwriter of the Red Dirt/Americana movement, not to mention one of the best power trios around.


Red Dirt Music gets it’s name from the blood red soil and surrounding landscape of Stillwater, Oklahoma, the place many hail as the “Mecca” Of Red Dirt Music. While locating the music’s epicenter is easy, defining it’s sound is a little more difficult. “I’ve always thought Red Dirt was less about a sound, and more about a brotherhood of musicians with a common goal; not only to make music, but music with a message. Bob Childers, Jimmy LaFave, Tom Skinner, The Great Divide and so many others have helped to shape and form this rapidly growing genre, bringing in the convictions of Woody Guthrie, and the swank and swagger of the Outlaw Country and Southern Rock movements”.

Jenkins new album “Brothers Of The Dirt” definitely carries on it that tradition with a wide variety of style and influence, bringing in Artists at the forefront of the new charge -Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Cody Canada, Mike McClure, and mixing them in with some of the other guys that helped to influence the Genre -Steve Pryor, Ron Morgan, Pat Savage, Brad Absher just to name just a few.

As with previous releases, his ninth, Jenkins shows once again why he is “the premier” songwriter of the Red Dirt movement, writing all 12 songs on the disc, as well as co/writes with Randy Rogers, Brady Black, Scott Hutchison, and Bob Wiles. With a voice as Big as Texas, and guitar chops(and beard) that would make Billy Gibbons proud, Jenkins takes his rightful place as one of the shinning stars of not only Red Dirt, but American music.

Since moving to Austin, Texas in 2003 Brandon has had a phenomenal run of success with 8 hit singles on the Texas Music Chart including “Feet Don’t Touch The Ground“, “Finger On The Trigger“, “Down In Flames“…, his album “Faster Than A Stone” spent13 weeks on the national AMA Chart, as well as having songs cut by Stoney LaRue, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Bleu Edmondson.. among others.


2009 - Brothers Of The Dirt
2008 - Faster Than A Stone
2006 - VII
2004 - Down In Flames
2002 - Unmended
2000 - Live at the Blue Door
1998 - Ghost of Jesse James
1996 - Faded
1994 - Tough Times Don't Last (Out of Print)

Set List

Typical set:
120 minutes with no breaks
All original music