Brandon Marceal

Brandon Marceal


Simply put, Brandon Marceal creates a connection to the soul. This is "one mean jazzy flute." The tone heard with every fluttering breath is a sultry and soothing sensation that is absolutely mesmerizing and refreshing.


Brandon Marceal is currently in the studio working on his highly anticipated debut album. This former “Atlanta’s Future of Jazz” finalist is creating quite a buzz in the Midwest by presenting a refreshing and soothing voice to contemporary jazz. Having dedicated decades pursuing a pure passion for his instrument, Brandon Marceal now has mastered using intonation to make the flute a voice for his personality. This expertise has audiences exclaiming, “That’s one mean jazzy flute!”
When Brandon Marceal plays the flute, he creates a connection to the soul. The tone heard with every fluttering breath is mesmerizing. Whether playing a cover tune or an original composition, each song is infused with a spirit and passion all its own. While most hear and see the flute being used merely as a doubling instrument, Brandon plays the flute exclusively and aggressively. His assortment of soulful melodies induces an invigorating yet calming voice to any musical composition. "My sound is therapeutic. I tailor my melodies with honesty.”
Reminiscent of Jethro Tull’s, flautist, Ian Anderson’s unorthodox introduction of the flute into mainstream music, Brandon is again bringing this instrument to the forefront with awesome improvisational skills that permit him to play within any genre. Marceal refuses to be placed in a box. This is evident in his self-recorded and self-released promotional CD “Flute Remixes Vol. I - Body & Soul”. The album incorporates an extensive range of his talents from the smooth character of Rhianna’s “Take a Bow,” to the more aggressive nature of Ludacris’ “Nasty Girl.”
With over 20 years having past since blowing his first notes on the flute, Brandon has been performing for audiences from local elementary schools to national television shows. Some notable venues are the CBS’ “Better Mornings” in Atlanta and the annual Sweet Auburn Festival. His last song placement was in the Universal Pictures theatrical release, Idlewild. Brandon’s talents extend far beyond just performing; he's also a composer, arranger and songwriter. Brandon Marceal's true passions are creating beautiful music and performing!


Flute Remixes Vol. I - Body & Soul 2009

Set List

Any genre you'd wanna hear! I tailor my sets to my audience.

I typically play two(2) 45-minute sets.

New Urban Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Inspirational