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"Nickelback are at the Start as well"

The guys of the swiss rockband Tempesta are recording their fourth album in Springfield, Missouri. And Chad Kroeger, from the US Band Nickelback, plays an important part in this.

A very special song can be heard on the new album from Tempesta: Those who are fans of the blond colored curly haired Chad Kroeger, will jump for joy, because the leadsinger of the soft rockband Nickelback got recruited as co-writer for the song "The Going Rate".

In the new episode of the video blog, the guys will give you inside to the studio and will show you how the give their songs a special touch with producer Brandon Mashburn while recording. They will not forget the fans or vitamins: you will see everything the rockers are experiencing on their trip in this video. -

"Small Town Values, Worldwide Aspirations"

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, KY - Everyone has dreams, hopes and goals. However, it’s rare to encounter individuals that not only have the determination coupled with the skill necessary to experience and witness their dreams becoming a reality; but to have the endurance

that it takes to overcome the sheer, exhaustive, disappointment that life throws into the equation. Maintaining and satisfying that driving force; that undying, self motivation that encompasses an inner passion is a challenge in itself. Combining the ability to understand, accept and nurture these mandatory requirements, Dawson Springs native, Trent Riley along with Steven Bauer, Bryan Thomas and Steve Wheeler of the band, Sexstone, have not only surpassed their personal expectations, they have risen to the challenge of “Taking Over The World, Two Ears At A Time”…

During the fall of 2009, Sexstone released their debut album, “The Painful Side of True”.

As Trent Riley explains, ‘We [members] as individuals had the understanding that becoming a major act was a shot in the dark. We [members] as a group refused to accept failure. However we did not expect the overwhelming response that Sexstone and “The Painful Side of True” have received’.

He, of course, is speaking of the multitude of songs from the album "The Painful Side of True" that have had airplay on 100's of radio stations across the nation and in several countries extending from the United Kingdom to Portugal and from Australia to Greece. Published interviews with Metal Monthly, Kick Acts Magazine, and Australia’s, May the Rock Be with You have attributed to their exposure.

Sexstone’s accomplishments thus far are only a milestone in comparison to the achievement of their first single, "Wait for Me (Soldier's Song)”. Which was the #1 requested song for several weeks on OFNR Radio, earning them Artist of the Month for February 2010. Their second single, "Thank You", has also entered into the top 10 charts on Spiderweb Radio (The #1 Modern Rock Station on alongside such artists as Nickelback, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, Three Doors Down, and the Goo Goo Dolls.

When asked, Sexstone released this statement illustrating their noteworthy project, a 5 song EP which is projected to be released in the spring of this year.

‘While we were working on our first album, we poured our hearts and souls into it. During that process with Heath Eric and Rumsey Records on ‘…Painful Side…’ we never imagined that less than a year later, we would get the chance to go to a major studio and collaborate with a major label producer. Working with Brandon Mashburn and being able to utilize Tom Whitlock’s studio has been an amazing experience to say the least. March 11th, 12th, and 13th [{2010}] will be our final days recording in the studio. It is impossible to explain or characterize the incarnation of this EP. We are extremely excited to get it finished and out to the public and to our amazing fans-without you [the fans] none of this would be possible’.

Brandon Mashburn’s credits include collaborating with various songwriters such as: Tom Whitlock (Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner), Robert Sterling (Multiple Dove Award Winner), Greg Mcney (former Vice President of Word Records), Chris Slayter, Darrin King (of Mutemath) and Matt Stewart (of Johnny Q. Public). Also, Brandon Mashburn has recently produced music for the bands: Trust Company, Machina (former members of Evanescence and Future Leaders of the World), Tempesta, and Future Leaders of the World. Adding to his impressive collaborations, Brandon Mashburn has also worked with several major record labels including: EMI, Sony, Warner Bros, Atlantic, Columbia, Universal and RCA/JLG.

With Mashburn aiding in the exhilarating creativity that Sexstone resurrects and the inspiration that seeps out of the walls of the studio owned by Golden Globe and Academy Award winning songwriter Tom Whitlock, best known for his work on the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack, co-writing the hits "Take My Breath Away" (Berlin) and "Danger Zone" (Kenny Loggins). You can guarantee that Sexstone will become a recognized, universal, household name.

In connection to their upcoming EP, Sexstone will be performing live on the stage at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Media Conference in Austin TX on March 18th. This show can be watched live via the internet at {1} Now in its 24th year, the SXSW® Music and Media Conference has grown into the must-attend networking event for the 21st century music industry. Showcasing nearly 2,000 musical acts from around the globe at over 80 stages in downtown Austin, SXSW registrants have a first-look at tomorrow's stars. By day, managers, labels, promoters, press, internet media outlets, artists and other business professionals conduct business in the SXSW Trade Show. Conference registrants also partake in a full agenda of provocative, informative panel discussions and celebrity interviews featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature. {1.}

For a complete list of concert dates, venues and other information, Sexstone can be found on these networking sites:
Facebook: Search "Sexstone" on Facebook pages

Information provided to iSurf by Sarah Maki.
Posted by Karen Klay Orange - iSurf News - isurfmuhlenberg

"TRUSTCo Biography"

In June of 2009, Trust Company has started recording their 3rd album with record producer Brandon Mashburn at a private studio in Springfield, MO. Brandon and the band are excited to show what very well may be some of their best work yet. The album is expected to be done in the fall of 2009 with a very highly anticipated release date in the near future. - Lyricsfreak

"Local Producer Works With Big Name Artist"

By Mike Donnelly

In the music industry, having the “edge” is everything. The “edge” could be anything: having exceptional skill, knowing the right people, possessing in an incredible work ethic or simply having great timing.

Of course, it always helps to have a combination of all of the above, such as rock industry producer and native Springfield resident Brandon Mashburn.

Mashburn is known nationally as one of the creative minds behind works by such artists as Trust Company, Future Leaders of the World, Machine (former members of Evanescence), Assembly Line Gods, and many more works his edge from the friendly confines of his own home recording studio in Springfield.

Brandon Mashburn

Mashburn’s passion for music started at the age of 10. At the time, his parents moved a 95-year-old piano into his room because they simply had no other place to put it. This served as the catalyst in him spending many of the sunny days of his childhood in the house, learning chords and dominant sevenths and playing the tunes of all his favorite records by ear. At 15, he was doing professional recording gigs.

A few years later, he was doing live production for national acts such as Hootie and the Blowfish and DC Talk, among several others, and in 2004 he met two other musicians from Branson, Missouri, and eventually came to be the bassist in Starlume, a band in the vein of Coldplay and The Fray. He spent several years with Starlume, until he decided that his life’s work was meant to be behind the scenes producing.

“I kind of fell in love with it,” Mashburn said of producing. “I never thought I would do it. I never wanted to really do it, but I kind of fell in love with the process.”

Mashburn is thankful for the many people who helped him get started in producing.

“I was always eager; I never gave up,” Mashburn said, “I had a lot of lucky breaks, with people setting me up early in life, letting me be a part of things. It just kind of grew from there” .

Apparently, the breaks just kept coming, as Mashburn eventually came into contact with industry powerhouse Tom Whitlock through a mutual friend. Whitlock is best known as the songwriter and producer for the multi-platinum Top Gun Soundtrack and engineer for the classic movie Scarface, as well as the winner of a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. After several collaborations on different projects, they decided to officially work together as a team in the music industry.

Mashburn continues working hard behind the scenes. He is the mastermind behind a new album by alternative metal outlet TRUST Company, who are recording in Springfield, and he is also working with a band called Machina, which features members of Evanescence and Future Leaders of the World.

Learn more about Mashburn at - The Underground


Trust Company - Dreaming In Black and White (Co-Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Sony/E1)
Future Leaders of the World - New Album REVEAL (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (EMI)
Velvet City - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Universal Australia)
Tempesta - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Sony Europe)
Assembly Line Gods - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Dirtbag/ILG/Warner)
Machina - 2 new singles (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (No label) John LeCompt, Rocky Gray, Phil Taylor Project
Pfiefer Brown - New Album TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Universal Republic) American Idol Finalist




Producer, Engineer, Mixer

2010 Production Credits:
Trust Company - Dreaming In Black and White (Co-Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Sony/E1)
Future Leaders of the World - New Album REVEAL (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (EMI)
Velvet City - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Universal Australia)
Tempesta - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Sony Europe)
Assembly Line Gods - New Record TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Dirtbag/ILG/Warner)
Machina - 2 new singles (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (No label) John LeCompt, Rocky Gray, Phil Taylor Project
Pfiefer Brown - New Album TBA (Produce, Engineer, Mix) (Universal Republic) American Idol Finalist

2010 Songwriting Credits:

Currently Brandon has 3 songs at radio in 3 Countries and 2 going to radio in Jan-Feb 20011
"The Way You Love Me" Performed by Tempesta, Written By Brandon Mashburn and Tom Whitlock (Switzerland)
"Heart in My Hands" Performed by Trust Company Written By Brandon Mashburn, Kevin Palmer, James Fukai
released by Sony/E1 (United States)
"Not Enough" Performed by Velvet City, Written By Brandon Mashburn and Craig Heath released by (Dogwood/Universal Australia)

Brandon also has numerous writing credits throughout various TV and Film Productions, such as Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, The OC, and various MTV/VH1 Productions, What Happens in Vegas, She's All That

Not to mention an active writing role in every instance of record production