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Song for You

Written By: Brandon Miles

Title: “Song for You”
Writer: Brandon Miles (All rights reserved)
Dark nights in the city, with the stars shining bright around you
Holding on close to me, as we walk under the moon
Toes in the water, holding hands, griping tight.
Then you kissed me.
It’s a feeling I can’t explain now, it’s a love for you, my heart beats for you
It’s the laughter, the crying and smiles, it’s what you do; this is my song for you.
Verse 2:
I get down on one knee; ask if you’ll marry me
You smiled, kissed my head, dropped to your knees and told me yes
In front of family and friends, we professed our love to the end.
Then you kissed me.
Now the time has come that we say goodnight to our little girl, yeah she’s our whole world,
I kiss her head and tuck her in real tight, then I turn to you and say I love you too.
Then you kiss me