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Nothing Short of Now is one of those albums that reminds you of all of the wonderful things of summer. The music is mellow in all the right ways and you can imagine yourself driving down the freeway in a convertible with the top down while chilling to the six wonderful tracks that have the flavor of instant classics; especially 'Missing you'. --

My person favorites from the EP include 'Get Inspired' - 'Say love is the only thing to come between us... say enough for me to shut up... I hear you say.. we love the little things a little too much' - with it's eery opening and acoustic vocally driven soul. --


'Out to see' - 'We are coming out to breathe... we are hoping you don't see... it's all Ice and Ivory in this world' with its echoes, intriguing lyrical metaphors and abrupt ending. --

All in all 'Nothing Short of New' is an EP well worth checking out and chilling too. 'Nothing Short of New' is released via Little America Records and can be purchased from the Little America Records Store. - Kat, Portrait Magazine

This young man is a highly talented newcomer to the indie/rock/pop scene. The six songs on this project are highly enjoyable. If you are a fan of artists like Jonathan Rundman, the Umbrellas, and any other jangly guitar band like the Goo Goo Dolls, you’ll enjoy Brandon Pfeiffer. The songs are all about love and romance and are fun and peppy, with the exception of “Missing You” which is a rather amusing song that is a bit on the sad side, as Pfeiffer laments missing a girl he broke up with more than he expected. Another highlight is the six and half minute “Be The First To Die” that builds into a mix of distorted guitars and synthesizer riffs, which give the listener a techno vibe. - James Morovich,

Mixing equal parts of rock and Americana, Brandon Pfeiffer’s six-song effort is pretty good. Falling somewhere along the lines of an indie rock version of Pete Yorn, Pfeiffer gets his groove on with the simple and catchy “Woven Wood” that brings to mind newcomers like Jake Stigers. Unfortunately, things tend to get into a rather sappy, melodic mode with “Missing You”, which seems to lack some punch and falls off the rails rather quickly. Pfeiffer changes his mood from song to song, trying to do his best at the earnest, heart-worn-on-your-tattered-denim-jacket-sleeve singer-songwriter vibe for “Get Inspired”, which works much better than the previous track by going in the vein of Howie Day. One annoying number is “Out to See”, because it’s damn good, but Pfeiffer sells the song much too short as it peters out after two minutes. Nothing here comes off as stellar or jaw-dropping, but Pfeiffer does have the chops to get tender tunes such as “Be the First to Die” easily across. - Jason MacNeil,

Brandon Pfeiffer’s Nothing Short of Now offers a half a dozen heart-on-your-sleeve songs that offers himself and the microphone. His voice takes command over the music and sounds like he is singing acoustically with little studio magic to warp it. It’s a very mellow album.

“Woven Wood” is an upbeat song followed by the sappy “Missing you” (“I’m missing you in ways I never knew existed,” Pfeiffer croons). It has the same uppity beats of the previous track but does not seem to do the song as much justice as the lyrics don’t seem to coincide with the music.

“Get Inspired” contains a favorite lyric: “Say love is the only thing to come between us, I hear you say enough, say enough for me to shut up.” “Out to See” is a quick hiccup in the album where Pfeiffer employs a call and answer method with his own voice. The last two tracks are the most unique on “Nothing Short of Now” and “Wearing Me Out” as the listener can hear a child’s piano and a kazoo-like sound on the tracks, respectively.

Nothing Short of Now is worth a listen. He may even follow in the footsteps of John Mayer when a full 12-track album comes out. - Courtney Thompson,

Pfeiffer swears up and down he knows no one named Michelle, so stop asking, k? Now that we got that little unnecessary bit out of the way, I can tell you what a genius indie pop singer/songwriter Brandon is. He allows for his voice to stretch to eternity and back, without cracking one bit. Inspiring guitar chords grip you with engaging and catchy hooks. This is the real deal folks. - J-Sin,

Brandon Pfeiffer's "Nothing Short of Now" will serve as an introduction to a genre new to many listeners, and he serves it up well. Indie pop. Come and get it.

Astute readers will get a sense of Brandon Pfeiffer’s distinctiveness when I mention that “Nothing Short of Now” is produced by Don Chaffer (Waterdeep). Uh huh. I see that as a positive, and it also serves as a clue/warning: expect a unique sound. You won’t be disappointed.

“Nothing Short of Now” begins wonderfully, the opening “Woven Wood” beautifully setting the stage for this very particular genre. You are immediately struck by the track’s organic arrangements, a sure Chaffer touch, and the stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Pfeiffer’s strong vocals fly through the soaring melody line, over delicious electric guitar hooks and indie-pop beats. I couldn’t begin to tell you what he’s singing about, but I found the song irresistible.

I can’t say I enjoyed every track that much, although Pfeiffer has a compelling pop energy, and I never fail to enjoy Chaffer’s unique production touches. From what I read of Pfeiffer’s promo material, I think he’d be the first to admit that his music can come across as a bit self-indulgent at times. Done in an honest spirit, even that can be appealing sometimes, and the electric whiner “Get Inspired” does ultimately satisfy.

Every track offers inimitable nuances, like Chaffer’s bold 12-string on “Out to See.” But “Be the First to Die” is especially noteworthy for the conspicuous addition of the toy piano, an extra touch that absolutely makes the track sparkle. Thick guitars provide solid support for the opaque lyrics, and the electronic percolations on the way out left me shaking my head in wonder. All in all, that’s not a bad way to go out. Visit for more information on Brandon Pfeiffer, indie pop artiste. - Kevin Breitinger,


Nothing Short Of Now (2006)



From his days leading the cello and acoustic guitar folk/rock duo, Certainly Rough, to his time spent singing cover tunes for the Petty Thieves, Brandon Pfeiffer has definitely had no trouble doing what he does best. He’s spent countless hours playing pop, indie-rock, and alt. country tunes across the Midwestern United States, in addition to months spent in the studio writing, producing, recording & remixing nearly any genre imaginable. He’s been a songwriter for the last 15 years, a radio DJ for the last 12 years, and has run his own media production company for the last 5 years. After several short runs of acoustic and demo song collections, after producing and promoting records for several other artists, and after finally listening to the advice of friend (and drummer) Matt Jackson, Brandon Pfeiffer finally offers up his first full band solo studio album, Nothing Short of Now, produced by Don Chaffer (Waterdeep) and available now from Little America Records. The music on this album was influenced largely by people, the album wood/water by The Promise Ring, substitute teaching for high school Photography class, Hillary Duff, borrowing friends' guitars, and probably the great distaste (or maybe jealousy) I used to have for John Mayer.