Brandon Pfeiffer

Brandon Pfeiffer


Brandon Pfeiffer's brooding grooves and contemplative energies compliment the consistent intimacy of his lyrics, melodies and vocal performances. Brandon's pop sensibility, his experience in Americana and Classic Rock, plus his interest in electronic elements all shine in his debut record.


From his days leading the cello and acoustic guitar folk/rock duo, Certainly Rough, to his time spent singing cover tunes for the Petty Thieves, Brandon Pfeiffer has definitely had no trouble doing what he does best. He’s spent countless hours playing pop, indie-rock, and alt. country tunes across the Midwestern United States, in addition to months spent in the studio writing, producing, recording & remixing nearly any genre imaginable. He’s been a songwriter for the last 15 years, a radio DJ for the last 12 years, and has run his own media production company for the last 5 years. After several short runs of acoustic and demo song collections, after producing and promoting records for several other artists, and after finally listening to the advice of friend (and drummer) Matt Jackson, Brandon Pfeiffer finally offers up his first full band solo studio album, Nothing Short of Now, produced by Don Chaffer (Waterdeep) and available now from Little America Records. The music on this album was influenced largely by people, the album wood/water by The Promise Ring, substitute teaching for high school Photography class, Hillary Duff, borrowing friends' guitars, and probably the great distaste (or maybe jealousy) I used to have for John Mayer.


Woven Wood

Written By: Brandon Pfeiffer

woven wood
with blue and feathers and a neck
like no other
knowing the hands of never known
to know the world of unknowingness

the light of a thigh
in the wait for maybe to self precurse
curling the legs of anonymity
until you drink the dark unto yourself

well I would stay up late for you
and I would get up early too
and I would stay up late for you
to sit right next to me

the days of nightlife
wherefrom we often get our days on
and spoiled hunting
shelving the flavors of your kind

you can close and shall listen
without telling the gray of money
dressing back in softness crowing
waits the mind of constant motion

Get Inspired

Written By: Brandon Pfeiffer

get inspired

beat me to the closer look
with all the punches that we took
I get so tired
summer may not come this year
but I'm hoping dear
that you'll hear me say...

say love
is the only thing to come between us
I hear you say enough
say enough for me to shut up

Missing You

Written By: Brandon Pfeiffer

I'm missing you in ways I never knew existed
I'm missing you....

maybe you could call me on the phone
and tell me if you plan on coming home
or maybe you'd remind me we are through
well, maybe I don't even want you.....

I'm missing you in ways I never knew existed
I'm missing you....

maybe you could love me for a while
maybe you could make me smile
or maybe you would break my heart again
well, baby, I say, either way, until then.....

I'm missing you in ways I never knew existed
I'm missing you....


Nothing Short Of Now (2006)

Set List

Typical set: 45-90 minutes
Average set list:
American Girl (Tom Petty)
Turn It On (Joel Weir)
Sarah And Me (Brandon Pfeiffer)
Missing You (Brandon Pfeiffer)
Get Inspired (Brandon Pfeiffer)
Two Gunslingers (Tom Petty)
Wiretap (Joel Weir)
Woven Wood (Brandon Pfeiffer)
The Last War (Joel Weir)
Wish For The End (Brandon Pfeiffer)
Wearing Me Out (Brandon Pfeiffer)