Brandon Reynolds & This Afternoon

Brandon Reynolds & This Afternoon


Pacific Americana. Foot-stomping, bluesy, and raw music. Traditional American music with a progressive touch. A fun, high energy live show fronted by charismatic singer Brandon Reynolds.


Four fine fellows decided to form a band. They met at a dusty jukebox in a dusty bar, in a dusty town, over dusty beers. Minds met over small talk, and, on that Afternoon, an understanding emerged. They then played music.

“Pacific Americana” they exclaimed, and that’s what it is. The blacksmith, Zack Smith, educated in the fine musical arts, wields the mighty upright bass. Charles Scheinblum, hailing from the North-East, a
fine percussionist. Michael Starr strokes the fiddle and electric guitar with precision and ease. Brandon Reynolds, child of a rusty harmonica and
a whiskey jug, sings. The music, a product of their origins.

Deep pounding, gentle stumming, fine humming, bow massaging, sticks beating. Moving, swaying, jumping, smiling, laughing, imbibing, feeling.

Find these fellows, befriend them. You’ll find them at any public house, anywhere. They generally sport beards, and hunt for sport. They generally are specific about what they like, and don’t. They are fun, and funny looking. They laugh a lot, and smile from time to time. They will be happy to share their music.


Lunch in Lisbon EP (Fall 2007)

Set List

Typical set list ranges from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Mostly original music, with a few obscure cover songs sprinkled in.