Brandon Rossi

Brandon Rossi

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Born and raised in Decatur, GA, Brandon Rossi Linsey, better known as B.ROSSI, is the breath of fresh air that the public and the music industry has been begging for. You can’t just call him a rapper or a lyricist, he’s simply what the music industry and society needs. Someone who will give people something to dance to, bob they’re head, jump around, etc; but more importantly, B. Rossi’s music will inspire. His music inspires everyone; young and old to live with a purpose that will take you from success to significance.
B. Rossi gives all the credit to the almighty God for putting him where he is today. Not to forget his music influences. B. Rossi was influenced by old school artists such as Nat King Cole, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. This gives a clear underlying to what can be expected from B. Rossi’s music; Music that will touch the soul and take your mind to certain places when you hear it. Growing up, the sounds of OutKast and the unique style of Andre Benjamin inspired Rossi to dare to be different in his music and style. Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are also artists that B. Rossi says help motivate his unique style and sound. “Kanye and Pharrell should motivate anyone. They make great music that crosses genres and on top of that, they stay true to who they are,” said B. Rossi. The intelligent and business savvy mind of Quincy Jones has always inspired B. Rossi to be knowledgeable and educated about the business that he’s trying to dominate.

B. Rossi is no stranger to the flashing lights. He has appeared on the big screen in the block buster hit Drum Line along side Nick Cannon. As well as premiering a song in the movie “Stomp the Yard 2”. He understands to have longevity in the always changing music industry, this means getting your reputation and credibility up; Kind of like building up a resume so he can score that dream job. He’s opened for numerous artists such as T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Ying Yang Twins, T.I., and G-Unit to name a few. He’s also worked with hit making producers Jazze Pha, Cornaboyz, Bink and Anthony Dent.

Being a former drum major for his high school marching band, B. Rossi says that his days as a “band geek” really helped developed his approach to making music. “Being in the band really helps develop your ear for music,” B. Rossi said. Rossi’s sound is a distinct sound that will have listener’s minds in the sky. Rossi makes his music to touch the soul as if he was a motivational speaker with only a microphone and an eclectic beat to get his message out.

Because of financial reasons and his passion for music, B. Rossi was forced to drop one of his dreams he had been hoping to accomplish since he was a youngster; being a college graduate. He was encouraged by many not to drop out, including one of his biggest supporters, his mother; But when you have a passion for something like B. Rossi did with music, nothing can stop you, not even your mother. His main reason for leaving school was for financial reasons, but he knew that with him not being in school, it would give him more time to craft his talent of making music.

Can’t stop what you can’t catch. That’s the attitude of this young rising star. Brandon Rossi won’t rest until the world listens to his music.