Brandon Schmitt

Brandon Schmitt


Lyrically driven songs, carried through by simple and eclectic arrangements that lean between american folk, blues, country, rock and soul. See Also: Lost Home Recordings of Townes Van Zandt backed by The Band.


Brandon Schmitt has thick Upstate NY blood running through his veins. Born in Syracuse, he has lived at different times between 6 and 8 different exits on the great New York state thruway. He has played with several bands, but started focusing on solo material after the hiatus of his longtime band (the pacemaker) and in performance and recordings has garnered comparisons to Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt and Daniel Johnston. In n these last three years he has released 2 full length albums and 5 e.p.s and recorded them and lived in over 10 different bedrooms and living rooms and studios, and in retrospect it seems like all the restlessness, traveling and writing that transverse those records served as roads to lead him to his third full length album: Send Off Smoke.

Send Off Smoke was recorded by four close friends in a room with no heat during the last week in the coldest month of the coldest winter in recent memory. The nine songs on the record were recorded live, all in no more than two takes during those last days and draw to close a song cycle that ranges from being six years to six days old, and crosses the state and the state-lines innumerable times. Drawing influences from folk, blues, soul, and country music, Brandon Schmitt and You-Tu have created a uniquely American record that feels as timeless as it is rooted in the present. Send off Smoke is a record about finding your way out of the woods without a flashlight on a moonless night, it is about loss and hope, friendship and redemption, and love and struggle. As the most lyrically cohesive record Brandon has made, it not only ties together ideas that he has been carrying around for years, but musically charges them with the energy, immediacy and hope found in the bonds of trust and friendship that created them. This fall Brandon will be doing and extensive tour in support of Send off Smoke, which is being released by Father Time/Baby New Years Records in August. A full band tour is to follow in the winter. Past tours and shows have been played with: Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear, Dufus, Daniel Higgs (lungfish), Arrington de Dionyso (old time relijun), Soltero, and David Dondero.


Songs about Love and Death and The Ocean: 2004
Songs about Fire and Seeing: 2004
Anonymous Songs: 2004
Shoulders Squared, Chin Up: 2005
Old Hearts and Algo, Algo: 2006
City Sun E.P: 2007
I Was Blind: 2008
send off smoke: 2009

Set List

can play anywhere from a half hour to hour and a half, depending on the situation.