Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott


For the most part, I'm about giving glory to God and honoring Him and to make Him known to all who will hear and receive. As for those of whom I sound like is that of Jeremy Camp meets Chris Tomlin and David Crowder. I have a heart for ministry and just loving God and going where He sends me.


Hey guys my name is Brandon Scott, I am a christian artist in Tacoma Washington. Just to give you some info on myself I just recently got out of the military, I also did a 15 month tour duty in Iraq, and that is where I started writing my music, and really noticed that God called me to do ministry full time! I then began getting a band together which consists of my drummer Aaron Friend, and my macbook computer. We really want to see God lifted up by doing music that isn't hiding the truth and sugar coating it. I think too much of the time we as musicians sometimes say we love God, but when it comes to the songs, people aren't really getting the whole picture. So with me and the band, you will never have to worry about getting the truth, we make sure we do it through awesome tone, lyrics, and a presentation that is uplifting to God, but to you all as well! So thats me and the band in a nutshell, so remember we love God, because He first loved us! God Bless, and see you all on the road!


New single to be released soon is "Captivate" from the upcoming CD "Captivate".

Set List

I do one set which consists of about 1 hour and 20 minutes, it just depends on where the spirit leads. I usually do songs that others would know and then corporate mine in there as well, as well as some testimonial stuff.