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Be There Soon

Written By: Brandon Shane

Lost the words in distance
Tried to find a reason to bring it home
And say the things I should have

No chance for resistance
We’re breaking free, I need you to come along
And see the things we’ve dreamed of

Believe it now, Believe in us

Nothing could take away
The moment is ours
If we only wait
We’ll be there soon

More than a memory
You’re feeling alive
When you navigate
Me and you
We’ll be there soon
‘Cuz nothing ever felt so true

Gave up on forgiveness
Heard your voice and I am whole again
You told me that you loved me

Believe it now, Believe in what we’re going to be


Written By: Brandon Shane Walden

If only I could rewind
Take it back
Only for a second
If only for a second chance

If only I could rewrite
Our names in the sky
Leave me for another
Maybe just another
Chance to say goodbye

Heart arrested
Hope infected
Anchored to a memory until you cut the
Chains this ain't no game
You're playing by your own rules
And it's mine you're breaking
Oh, we’re failing by design
Oh, we're fading into time
Oh oh oh
If only i could rewind

If only we had all night
We could try
To turn it all around
Turn us inside out
We could get it right

When you left me I never thought,
I'd be waiting for so long
Yeah I'm waiting, waiting for you to return

But there's a foolish side of me
That refuses to believe
If only you if only you could see

I'm Not Missing You

Written By: Brandon Shane Walden

I know you can't say the same
When I tell you I'm wrong
You say that you don't have regrets?
And now I'm taking the blame
When we're starting to fall
You make me feel like I don't exist

Don't know why
I let you get past me this
Time?Won't break down these walls.?

If it hurts to hear at all
I don't feel a thing now that you're gone
I wish I could lie as well as you
But all I have to left to say true
I miss the way we never said goodbye
I miss all of the endless starlit nights
I miss our love and laughter too
But I'm not missing you

And I was playing your game
But I was trying too hard
Felt like I could never resist
And I was buried in shame
When you caught me off guard
The very second that I started to slip??

Were you my
Dream for a while or just
Time?Passing me by??

I'm not missing you?
Or how you’re so disguised
I don’t need the empty words you sent to me
Well wasted like our time?
Well written verses better left unsaid