Brandon Styles

Brandon Styles

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

COMEDIAN, IMPRESSIONIST & MAGICIAN - Brandon Styles - a unique, comedian, impressionist and magician that will get your crowd singing and laughing. You will be amazed when you see impressions of Austin Powers, Axl Rose, Ozzy Osbourne, Napoleon Dynomite & MANY MORE!


Something really fresh and different in Campus Entertainment

Brandon Styles was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a young child, Brandon was "The Entertainer". His love for comedy, costumes, dancing and singing delighted all. Brandon's first performance as an impressionist was in the second grade as Michael Jackson for a school assembly program. Dressed in full costume, his dancing ability and stage presence astounded the audience.

At the age of seven, Brandon developed a new interest... Magic. Performing close-up magic in restaurants kept him busy for years!

Realizing that he needed something "really different", he created his "one-of-a-kind" show, combining his comedy, dance, impressions and magic into an experience you will never forget!

Brandon performed at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood, California, and, facing incredible competition, won the Gold Medal for Vocals and Variety for the United States.

Some of Brandon's impressions include:

Snoop Dogg
Frank Sinatra
Macy Gray
Rascal Flatts
Adam Sandler
Neil Diamond
President Obama
Enrique Iglesias
Elton John
Jay Leno
Robin Williams
Christopher Walken
Axl Rose
Katy Perry
Janis Joplin

and, many more!!