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Written By: Brandon Whightsel

She got caught in the rain
Without a parasol
She takes care of herself
She took a Tylenol
And washed it down with milk
She ain’t supposed to have
Poured some out for the cat
Yeah she’s funny like that

And there was that time she begged for forgiveness
She lifted her arms up to the sky
And she was sincere so she got what she needed
From any random angle who happened to fly by

She’s got a hole in her heart
It’s just a metaphor
She tends to think it’s a drag
But I don’t know what for
It gets her out of gym
It gets her out of class
It gets to me when she’s down
Yeah I’m funny like that

And there was that time she needed a good friend
She opened her arms up to this guy
And she was on top when he got what he came for
She didn’t play hard to get but he didn’t seem to mind

She hates to be alone
She’ll never get that divorce
But she’ll lay down in the snow
To make an angel of course


Written By: Brandon Whightsel

It feels like it never happened
Though it weren’t that long ago
What ended in indecision
Started up a wonderful thing we saw, we saw, we saw

It’s not as if it really matters
Ask for less and hope for more
A light came on when we all scattered
Cast into the void in full on free fall, free fall, free fall

I hadn’t even noticed you’d torn free
Would you mind next time to warn me?

When it comes to hurtful wishes
You tend to clinch your fists so tight
That all that’s left of burning bridges
Of a diamond in your mind recall, recall, recall

It’s gotten hard to form connections
Living all up in your head
Relationship of pure distraction
The first thing I remember said was last call, last call, last call

I didn’t even notice you’d broke free
Would you mind some time to take me

Along, along, along, along

A Bone to Pick

Written By: Brandon Whightsel

I loved an old woman who was cold and defensive
You could ruffle her feathers with the slightest offensive
She would pick her battles for to test your mettle
But her skin was too thin to wade into the nettle

If you’ve got some theory to prove
Don’t be a tool all your life
You think you’ve got it bad, but Bonnie’s alright

It could not have gone faster
A Velociraptor
The gnashing of teeth
And then howls of laughter
A cool gentle shove
A sign from above
How an art star in love
Requires a disaster to feel

You’ve got some ground to divine
Or just blowin smoke in my eye
Think you’re feeling tough, give Bonnie a try

If you’ve got some bone you’d like to pick
Don’t be a dick all your life
You think you’ve had enough, but Bonnie’s alright