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Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States | SELF

Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States | SELF
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"Review of "A Win For Both Sides""

Brandon White – A Win For Both Sides (Independent)

From Fort Smith, Arkansas, Brandon White (and his band) are making a name for themselves throughout their home state and are picking up plenty of column inches and radio play all over the web. White released his debut EP, “Streetlight Lullabies” in 2009, and “A Win For Both Sides” is his first full-length outing. Where “Streetlight Lullabies” got his foot in the door, “A Win For Both Sides” should see him kick it down.

Custom built for the world’s arenas, White’s brand of white-knuckle Americana-rock falls somewhere between the blue collar melodicism of Springsteen, the dustbowl riffing of Bon Jovi and The Gaslight Anthem’s unerring energy. How White and his cohorts have managed NOT to come from New Jersey, I don’t know, but to my English ears, it hardly matters, as these songs, first and foremost, sound American - we can leave the details to the locals.

As for the songs themselves, the title track hits first. White’s got just the right voice; weathered and far from pure, and it nails his words to a tune powered by buzzsaw chords. “Bound To Come Along” ebbs and flows, and when the guitars rip into the anthemic chorus, those of a more rowdy disposition may well feel the need to punch the air. When they play it slow and cool on “House of Cards” they’re just as engaging, and hats off to whoever’s responsible for the guitar solo at the end.
Rob F. - Leicester Bangs (UK)

"Review of "Streetlight Lullabies""

Brandon's new collection, Streetlight Lullabies, is a step forward in the intimacy and passion of the vocal and lyric. The choruses are stronger and more memorable - you'll wake up the next morning humming "Feel Free to Dream baby / All the pretty horses will bring you home" - even after one listen. That song and "Love in the Lightning" belong in the soundtrack to a Hollywood romantic drama.

Like Bruce Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love", the five songs on "Streetlight Lullabies" mostly reflect on navigating the difficulties of relationships and reconciling dreams with reality. Among the tens of thousands of artists on MySpace, Brandon White's music stands out for its quality and memorability, and is worth buying!

As hopeful adoptive parents, we fill our house with music for the two of us, and when a child comes into our lives, we'll be proud to share Brandon's big, beautiful music!

Amy and Jason Didner - By: Jason Didner (Independent Songwriter)

"Northwest Arkansas Free Weekly Interview"

Music production can make or break an artists recorded work. It can make an album of sub-par talent and songwriting seem like an epic, seemingly legendary masterpiece. But it can also take an artists genius talent with extraordinary songs and make them seem like they were recorded inside a garbage can. When an exceptional producer hooks up with an artist of the same talent, however, it can work wonders and make music junkies heads spin...and for good reason. And this scenario has happened just in Northwest Arkansas' back yard.

Tragedy struck Ft. Smith native Brandon White late last year when his entire debut full-length record was wiped away when a storm hit Dream Makers studio, where he was recording with local master producer Mike Bailey (The New Ending, Jarris and Silverstone). It was a time where White did the only thing he could do at the time: panic.

"At the end of last year a storm washed out the hard drive [at Dream Makers], and my full-length record was on it. I went into panic mode and scrambled around to see what to do," White said. "I didn't know how to possibly re-record the same record and give the same dedication and perform with the same power. It seemed a bit contrived."

Bailey had another game plan, though. Ross Hogarth (American Idol producer, platinum producer, grammy winning producer and a fixture in the national music scene for more than 20 years) just happened to be an acquaintance of Bailey, and after a listen to White's music, agreed to come into town last week and record an EP with the singer/songwriter, which just might prove to be a big break to his career.

"It's really strange [to record with Hogarth]... You hope for a break like this and you hope something comes up to make you seem more legit and it just smacks you in the face one day," White said. "I didn't see it coming. I am very lucky and very blessed."

Luck will not be the only thing that will get White to achieve his lifelong dream of being a musician (he claims it is the only thing he is good at and is not satisfied just doing it at a local level). The young artist combines the modern singer/song writings of Conor Oberst, Jack Johnson and other acoustic folk acts with the classic sound of legendary singer/songwriters Jackson Browne, Bruce Springstein and Bob Dylan. It's White's southern influence that slowly breaks him away from his peers and predecessors, though (a bit of Johnny Cash and folk/country twang). It might be subtly dropped throughout his last EP "Streetlight Lullabies," but it can be noticed and enjoyed.

""Being from the south, it slowly creeps into your music," White said. "I try not to always sound like too much of a southern boy, but it creeps in."

White's southern singer/songwriter act comes across in his live show. He does add intensity and personal experience to his show, which can grab people's attention. "My show is more intense. I really try to get the emotion across with every song, every time. You can tell when people stand up there on stage and don't mean it or don't believe [what they're singing about]."

It's hard not to see the emotion and feeling White puts into his music. Along the same lines as his previous efforts, his new EP will encompass the themes of heartbreak, literature, art and lost romance. But it will also include a few areas bands tend to miss: the little things in life people tend to overlook.

- Northwest Arkansas Free Weekly

"Review of "Bitter & Bright" EP"

"Brandon White is a Fort Smith singer/songwriter with ambition, passion and talent to match. His style and voice are reminiscent of early John Mayer. (And by "reminiscent of early John Mayer" what I mean is, "he writes songs that most girls wish were written about them, and he sings them with the suave of an old school crooner".) On his debut EP, "Bitter & Bright" you'll find catchy rhythms and well-written stories, all told with Brandon's immaculate voice. You'll find guitar riffs and lyrical phrases that stick with you after the music fades. He always leaves you wanting more. Be careful when you listen to Brandon White, one song and you're hooked. (Especially if that one song is the title track of the EP, "Bitter and Bright".)." - Golden Memories Records

"Press mention by Internet Performing Pioneer "NANCE""

"Brandon White, just a kid when I first met him online and heard some of his writings and singing. Back then Brandon would get frustrated and wondered if he would ever be good enough to make it in the industry as a songwriter but I could see it even back then that in the near future this young man would blossom into what he is today and that is a FANTASTIC singer/songwriter indeed. The world could certainly use more songwriters like Brandon." - NANCE - (Author, Singer/Songwriter)

"Brandon White has three songs selected as tracks of the day!" Acoustic Track of the day-
"If This House Could Cry"
Brandon White
"Bitter & Bright" EP (2007) Folk Track of the day-
"Bitter & Bright"
Brandon White
"Bitter & Bright" EP (2007) Acoustic Track of the day-
"City of Magnolias"
Brandon White
"Streetlight Lullabies" (2009) -


Bitter & Bright (Sketch EP) (2007)
Streetlight Lullabies (EP) (2009)
Rough Edges: B-Sides & Demos (EP) (2010)
A Win For Both Sides (LP) (2011)
In My Younger Dreams (LP) (2013)



Described as “The Killer Young Talent from Arkansas” by 2x Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer, Ross Hogarth- Brandon White is quickly making a name for himself in the Independent Music scene. In 2009 White released his acclaimed debut EP, “Streetlight Lullabies” to rave reviews from fans, podcasts and blogs from all over the world. The EP continues to receive regular airplay from Independent stations around the United States, Europe and Australia and features some of LA’s most celebrated session musicians such as Tim Pierce (Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Meat Loaf, The Goo Goo Dolls, etc.), Dorian Crozier (Shinedown, Pink, Adam Lambert, etc.) And also features the production and engineering work of Hogarth.

In the summer of 2012 White entered the studio with his band "The Essential" to begin work on his new album, "A Win For Both Sides". Over the course of 6 days, White and his band recorded a fierce and powerful rock album combining elements of witty pop songwriting with the brashness of late 80's and early 90's alternative rock. The recording process could easily be compared to that of Neil Young & Crazy Horse where a band enters the studio relying only on its ability to turn up and rock. Upon release the album recieved excellent marks from fans and critics with Leicester Bangs (UK) proclaiming: "Where 'Streetlight Lullabies' got his foot in the door, 'A Win For Both Sides' should see him kick it down... Custom built for the world's arenas, White's brand of white-knuckle Americana-rock falls somewhere between the blue collar melodicism of Springsteen, the dustbowl riffing of Bon Jovi and The Gaslight Anthem's unerring energy."

White is nearing the completion of his 2nd full length album which is set for release in the late summer of 2013.