Brandy Faye Hawkins

Brandy Faye Hawkins


Soulful and passionate Brandy Faye Hawkins takes lyrical reality, mixes in emotion, raw talent, and adds the HOTTEST beats for your listening pleasure.


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Ms. Hawkins was born into music. Daughter of funk-rock guitarist/singer Anthony Hawkins, of Black Merda, Brandy started singing and training at the age of three. Through formal instruction and dedication Brandy has become a powerful vocalist and songwriter. Her debut album, "Can You Hear Me Know" is currently available on Ms. Hawkins is in pursuit of her dream and she is fully capable of taking the music business hostage.



Written By: Brandy Faye Hawkins

When I first met you I knew
that you were something brand new
many things in common
we had
causing a feeling of de ja vou
So eventually it was plain to see
when it comes to you and I
love was real and extreme
So tell me why
Why my best friend told me lies
living in the dark had me high
for my own good
is no excuse
in the end I left confused.
Chorus- Oh, Knowing
you were deceiving me.
Knowing, oh, knowing
you were deceiving me.
Left without choices I am, all alone I stand. Constantly on my mind. If it was cheating I could find. The heart to leave you alone. But my love still you own. Tell me why. Why did the love of my life tell me lies. Am I in the dark, my heart cries. For my own good is no excuse, still no end will we lose.
Chorus - Knowing, oh. Knowing, you were decieving me.
Bridge - Oh - 4 times
Now after the fact it's true but see boy I'm in love with you. Still you can't be here even though you know I need you near. Still I'm kept in a fog. So tell me, tell me. Please tell me why.


Can You Hear Me Now? (2008)

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