Brandy Singletary

Brandy Singletary


Unique original and very heartfealt the band is a trick of all trades have been together for 30+ years


I have been a lyricist since I was 8 years old writing and being creativie is my life it just defines me one hundred percent. Iam the daughter of Ricky Singletary the keyboardist. His band is Eastern Seaboard Band they are a great group of guys who lead their lives with faith and a pure passion of music



Written By: Brandy L Singletary


1st verse

You said it's water under the bridge just live and let live
how i can i forgive
when i cant even forget
after all boy it was me you left

You'll find yourself running
running back to me
but my arms wont be wide open
I've finally set you free
there's just no running
running back to me

second verse
oh how the table has turned
you lit that match
slowly watching it burn
torched our love
but you can't turn back time
there's no u-turns
after all is said and done

repeat chorus


you've been running all your life
and i know that you must see
now im running out of patience
with you running back to me

there's just no running
running back to me... fade out

(C)Brandy L Singletary 2008


I have no songs published always praying for one though lol

Set List

cover songs some southern rock country oldies