Branson is a emo-rock band based out of Syracuse, NY. The music has elements of late 90's indie-emo bands such as Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Jimmy Eat World, but with slight poppy and heavy touches as well.


We're an old school 90's style emo styled band. It's pretty badass, like double fisting rocky mountain cold Coors Original, or Bruce Willis.

We're not gonna say we're the best rock band of all time, but we're not gonna say we're not.


2009 Demos - a 6 song disc

"To Whom It May Concern" – Z89 Syracuse radio, rotation airplay

Set List

The usual set is approximately 40 minutes but we are prepared to cut or add songs. The usual set is:
1) To Whom it May Concern
2) Valentine's Day
3) Sleepless in Syracuse
4) Share the Moon with Me
5) It Goes
6) For Jeff
7) Skylines
8) Light a Match

*Additional songs not played in the typical setlist:
- Live Without Breathing
- When Broken Cannot Be Fixed
- Louie Louie [cover]
- Right Now (Na Na Na) [cover]