Art is hurried, headlong and messy in today's music scene. True passion and love take a backseat to fashion and looks in a world diluted by appearance crossing over to this artform we call "music." Nashville, Tennessee's Brantley does not exist to buck any trends or modern cliches in the music world. Brantley exists to show the world that feeling, passion and emotion can still be conveyed through rock music.

Hailing from many different parts of the country (Michigan, Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas), Brantley came together with ideas to express through hard-hitting, emotional rock music. Rocking guitar, blistering drums and tender melodies come together to create an intricate and all-the-while expansive sound. With the drive to sustain, Brantley aims at becoming a complex sound to relate with, on both emotional and spiritual levels.


EP in the making