Brant Phillip

Brant Phillip


"command of presence", "it", "that undescribable quality", whatever you want to call it, I have it. I write great songs, I perform with intensity and honesty and I commit to the music. I am a professional and I take great pride in showing it. Oh yeah, I play acoustic pop-folk that makes you smile.


Brant Phillip is a singer/songwriter based in Phoenix, AZ. Often likened to Jack Johnson or James Taylor, his musical creations land him right in the middle of the Adult Contemporary / Acoustic Pop genres. Often found testing new material at a local open mic, or even holding down a weekend show, his dedication to songwriting and years of experience performing are evident in both recordings and live shows.

2006 was a landmark year for Brant Phillip with the release of his first full length solo album – Just Me... (2006). This was truly a one man show with Brant doing all of the songwriting, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, CD artwork and all of the administrative tasks necessary to put out an album. In his sophomore offering, Brant joined forces with drummer Jim Christopherson and long time friend and bassist Jason Swanson to create Smile For A Song (2007). While staying true to his singer/songwriter roots, Brant ventured into a bigger sound with addition of the full band. And as listeners have noted, "It’s new and different, but somehow very familiar. "

With a solid history of creative output and listener appreciation, this is certainly just the beginning for Brant Phillip. With or without major label support, Brant will continue to make music for the people that truly matter: the fans. Check to find out when and where you can see him next – who knows, he may just be the next big thing, and wouldn’t it be great to be a part of it!


Just Me...
Smile For a Song

Set List

Can play anything up to 4 hours of original music. I sometimes include covers by Jack Johnson, Barenaked Ladies, and other popular acoustic based music.