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The best kept secret in music


"Metal Hammer Review"

"Think of a band covering ¡®Powerslave¡¯ and ¡®Piece of Mind¡¯ era Maiden with a gothic emo singer; like a cross between The Cult¡¯s Ian Astbury and Killswitch Engage¡¯s Howard Jones. Crunching riffs and some punishing feedback accompany a driving and moody hard rock base. On top of all this, wrist slitting vocals plead and cry. Includes some nice proggy freak outs."

Metal Hammer
May 2006
- Metal Hammer

"Peavey endorsement"

Braquet Announces Peavey Endorsement
-Music equipment icon endorses hot new band from the Faroe Islands

Ann Arbor,MI, May 4, 2006 BTM Artist Management is proud to announce the endorsement of Braquet by Peavey Music Instruments. Braquet, a hardworking foursome that has been making music together for the last four years in their native country of Faroe Islands, will be using Peavey equipment on their impending U.S. summer tour. Braquet will embark on an aggressive 34 day tour that will zigzag across the U.S. beginning at Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL on July 5th, and will wrap up at The Club House in Grove City, Ohio on August 6th.
Pairing of Peavey and Braquet could have significant benefits to Peavey as well as Braquet. Hailing from a remote country where there is a push to use music as a way of increasing international awareness of the Faroes, an announcement like this is a significant development. We see this as a win not only for Braquet, but for Peavey as well, because Faroe is an untapped market for the American music industry. There is a wealth of talent in this small country? BTM Artist Management, President Ken Sheahan explains. Goodwill created in the Faroe Islands for Peavey through this endorsement will give the company a great opportunity to become the premier outfitter of local Faroese bands.
According to Braquet's lead guitarist Arni Zachariassen, the band is honored to be recognized by Peavey. Peavey's roster includes artists such as Slipknot's Paul Gray, 3 Doors Down Todd Harrell, Blindside's Simon Grenehed, Knickleback's Mike Kroeger and legendary guitarist Joe Satriani .
Sheahan believes that receiving an endorsement from an American company like Peavey will help legitimize Braquet in the U.S. market. Braquet is very well-known with a certain amount of notoriety in their native country, and they hope to achieve the same level of success here in the U.S explains Sheahan. In Faroe, Braquet has been a regular feature on the live scene, playing numerous gigs all over the country. Last year they played the G! Festival, an annual music festival in Faroe that has featured internationally recognized acts such as Europe and many others.

- Donna Barnett

"Listener Reviews"

"Really good stuff, I am buying this now! I heard 2 MP3s and they were great. Good luck guys."

This CD is amazing... The songs are mind blowing, and all the elements of the music are combined flawless. Rhythm section is tight! the guitar/riffs are awesome and the vocals are clean and crisp!! Buy this CD!!!"

- CDbaby!

"Fan reviews"

Reviews of song "All I Want" from

"Got a pretty unique sound, you've got a good thing going here!!"

"I am impressed that you're on, you'll be signed soon."

"All in all a great song, two thumbs up!"

"Call the record companies! We have something groundbreaking!"

"I could definitely see this band headlining a club tour."

"Sign these guys NOW!
I'm liking this song a lot...a whole lot. And the more of it I hear, the more I like. I'm actually surprised to hear this song on this site. This band should have been signed by now!
In summary, I better hear this song on the radio soon"

"Performance is solid and the chorus has a hook the size of a Whale. There's a lot of talent here."

"Great chorus. Great hook!! Great arrangement. Extremely awesome!!!"


Braquet S/T EP-Released May 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Braquet is an energetic four-piece hard rock band hailing from the Faroe Islands. Founded in 2002 by vocalist Andrias Hojgaard and guitarist Arni Zachariassen, the two were soon joined by drummer Johan A' Lakjuni. After going through a couple of bass players, the band found who they were looking for in Leivur Vitalis. Braquet plays a refreshing mixture of the modern and the classic, combining elements from the 80's, 90's and beyond. Too pop to be called metal, the band is dynamic and engaging and is distinguished by their technical ability and melodic sensibility. Andrias' hauntingly beautiful and melodic vocals are a perfect contrast to Arni's over-the-top guitar work, which is supported by the super tight and rock solid rhythms of Leivur and J?an. Lyrically Braquet is positive and life affirming, but honest about life's struggles. Writing from a Christian perspective, they explore all elements of the experience of life.

Since their beginning, Braquet have been known as a great live band. A palpable energy emanates from the band as they amaze crowds wherever they perform. In 2003 they reached the finals in the national battle of the bands, Prix Foyar, which was broadcast live on Faroese television and radio. The next year they reached the finals in Gospel Prix, which too was broadcast live on the radio.

2005 would prove to be a very exciting year for Braquet. They released their first CD, a self titled EP, which has earned them a positive response internationally. They opened for rock and roll legends Petra and played the super cool G! Festival, as well as playing many smaller gigs around Faroe Islands. They also made their first trip abroad, rocking the crowd in the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band also signed a management deal with US-based BTM Artist Management, a deal which promises to take the band to the next level and open the doors for their sound to be heard throughout the world.

2006 saw Braquet venturing across the Atlantic for their first U.S. tour. They have the distinction of being the very first rock band from the Faroe Islands to ever tour the U.S. The tour was quite a success as the band wowed the crowds everywhere they played.