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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"PATCHCHORD HEREO" - Patchchord Hereo


Only You Can Save Yourself, 2006
War Within-Recieves Radio Airplay
Sirens-Recieves Radio Airplay


Feeling a bit camera shy


Braskey is a hot, up and coming punk band out of Sacramento. They describe themselves as guitar driven, melodic punk with a little rock/alternative mixed in. With their raspy vocals and catchy songs they have won the adoration of many fans. The members of Braskey have been praised for their uniquely original sound and high-energy live shows. Their new album is a melodic yet a hard-hitting feat of musical ingenuity.

Braskey new CD, “Only You Can Save Yourself”(released on January 24th 2006) sold out on in the first two days and made it into the top 200 on both interpunk and smartpunk. Producer Mike Trujillo (Millencolin, Strung Out, Left over Crack, Choking Victim) worked with Braskey on this project at Succulent Sound Studios in Los Angeles, Ca. TwoFortyOne records formed in December of 2005 with the primary purpose to put out Braskey’s album. It is being distributed through and, and is doing incredibly well.

The band has already established a local following that has grown steadily since 2003. This year they were asked to headline The City of Rocklin Skate Fest, and were selected to play the UC Davis Picnic Day Festival. They also secured a spot on 98 Rock’s “Best of Sac” compilation.

Braskey is composed of five guys: Joe Leahy (vocals), Tim Hennessey (lead guitar, backup vocals), Cody LaCrue (guitar), Chris Dameron (drums), and Alvie Gonzalez (bass). Braskey was formed in 2003 when Tim and Joe got into contact with Alvie to start a band. Alvie in turn knew Chris from high school and asked him to join. Chris introduced Cody to the group; they were in another band together at the time. Tim had moved to Sacramento, and in order to keep the band going, would take a 4-hour train ride to make it to practice. They recorded a three-song demo in a friend’s room and, Braskey played their first live show together in June of 2003.

During that summer they played several shows and took a small tour through Nevada. Their song, A Drunk Man’s Tale, made number one on In the fall of 2003 Cody and Alvie moved up to Sacramento with Tim. Later that year Braskey played numerous shows sharing the stage with other bands including, Guttermouth, Pipedown, Lonely Kings, Fire Sermon, Pistol Grip and Andre Nickatina. Braskey won a battle of the bands sponsored by Covergirl, Kodak, and Pepsi. They were also featured on two compilations that were distributed nationwide, Lorelei Records “Bombs Over Santa Cruz” and Mushroom Cloud Records “We Will Be Heard vol. 3”.

In the spring of 2004, Braskey released their first independent album, “Shit Happens When You Party Naked.” Although they had been very busy building a fan base, being separated from each other stunted the song writing and sound growth of the band. So, with the desire to take Braskey more seriously the remaining band members, Joe and Chris, moved to Sacramento in the fall of 2004. They were able to practice several times a week and develop their sound. In the spring of 2005 the hard work paid off. Braskey was fortunate enough to work with producer Mike Trujillo.

The members of Braskey have made improved and steady steps in the direction of their dreams. Their diligence and hard work has paid off, and will continue to help them reach their highest goals and aspirations. Braskey has a vast amount of talent. But, we all know talent is not enough in this business. They have proven to everyone they are willing to work hard, and go to great lengths to achieve what they desire. To make a life of playing music they love, are passionate about, and making people passionate about it too; these are the fundamental principles by which Braskey lives, works, and plays. Be sure to check this band out at You will soon understand why these guys are on their way to widespread success and musical acclaim.