we indulge in every aspect of sonic exploration (odd time signatures, loud/soft dynamics, electronics, melody, dissonance, etc) but we've been told we sound something like interpol, radiohead, rem, sunny day real estate, engine down, fugazi, cave-in, and at the drive-in.


BRASS’ Set & Drift is an intriguing study in contrasts and juxtaposition, where soaring melodies and heart-rending crescendos wash over combustive, tightly-wound arrangements and knotty instrumental interplay. What’s more is it’s all seamlessly underscored by oceans of textures and turbulent progressions, giving the record an almost otherworldly feel.

Rooted somewhere between the math-y, lean post-punk structures of early Jawbox and the 90’s D.C. scene and more exploratory, dramatic stylings of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate or Circa Survive, this Philadelphia quintet’s 8-song debut manages to be both thoughtful and tumultuous without sacrificing atmosphere, intimacy or intensity. With an uncanny ability to churn out continually-suspenseful buildups that always deliver a rush of adrenaline to the head and gut, Brass’ stormy sound is more like a slow-rising, unstoppable tidal wave of dynamic resonance than a tsunami that’s here before you ever knew it was coming.

While the band is perhaps less discordant than many of their peers, Set & Drift can be intensely jarring and unsettlingly haunting all at once. Songs like “The Sea Breathing / The Sky Electric” somehow feel epic within the span of four minutes; echoing waves of reverb dissolve into angular guitars and twisting rhythms while Joe Webber’s confident vocals rise above, ringing bright and true. It’s a potent mix that, in theory, shouldn’t work…but perhaps that’s why the payoff at the end of Set & Drift’s 30 minutes of beautifully clashing aesthetics is so completely satisfying.


Separate Bodies

Written By: Brass

There were ghosts in the barroom half asleep blowing smoke through their crooked teeth.
Stacking quarters up.
I watch their mouths for the miracles they speak. Spilling the alcohol lovingly, racing through the blood.
The taste under my tongue it seldom leaves, safe like all the secrets that you keep from when you were young.
Swallowing down round after round so served to soon forget or sleep it off instead.
The cloth was clean against the altar’s edge. One drop of wine was spilled and stained it red. But there were lies beneath that candlelight. So I toast the ghosts here at the bar tonight.
There were ghosts in the barroom half asleep. See their fingertips yellowing; their wives are waiting up.
Watch the pews and the people on their knees. Heavy hands counting rosary beads and shadows on the sun.
A separate body stares into a mirrored smile.
Vacant lines that trace the face of a man he doesn’t recognize.
The clock’s hands counting the hours above.
Hoping to offset the weight of the world. Hoping to offset the weight of a world lost

Autumn Hex Signs

Written By: Brass

The thought was so strange it hung in the air unresolved between faces, too hard to relate to them. Weakness is dangerous, washed up in tar pits; old bones under better days silently wait for a sign.
So he woke with the sun passed out on newspapers. Ink stains his face in reverse haunting phrases he reads in the mirror makes notes in the margins, makes plans laid on past mistakes, forfeits of our former lives.
Old Bones just won't leave maybe no way to end all the trouble they all love to watch. The Nuisance keeps calling me back.
The thought was so strange in a voice so familiar, in a tone so resolved, in a calm so peculiar.
He wrote the note gracefully. How fast the time past like lifetimes of maple leaves. Watch as they fall from the sky.
I'm losing my mind.
It pulls us in and a sign of tin where the lightening crossed dares me to stop.
The thin man amazed when the pigs they arrived welling up from the gutter they could smell me for miles selling all the front pages, it's never enough and the rifle is waiting with teeth it goes off.

Tall Ships

Written By: Brass

The tall ship sank its sails went under, white water drawn to pull the helm in deep
Crewmen drank the cold seawater. Why force the drowning they embrace it’s peace. And the waves separating sea and air that I am swimming or breathing in. My bones retired to the sea that day.
I’ve grown callous, so callous.
Risk your life to feel alive.
The old men late, the flood was over. They built a tower on a hill of clay. When the cold tide came through the empty harbor tall ships were tealeaves sinking to their graves.
Inches that rise high on the beach, in the same breath, the salt and the cold.
Out here in the open there lay palms in the rising tide like lines of a poem. There are fears to be realized out here in the open. (open our lungs)

The Sea Breathing

Written By: Brass

Inches the Ocean Crept
Feeling its cold salt breath
rise and fall
Drift through the course I’ve set
Pulled in the dark I’ve met
the bow with the tow


EP - "Set & Drift" (8 Tracks self-released in January 2008)
Two singles that have received decent radio and streaming play: Separate Bodies and Autumn Hex Signs

Set List

Our set lists are typically about 30-40 minutes and are 7 or 8 songs long. we do not play covers.