When everything's been done in a certain genre, the only way to stand out is to do it better. What makes BRAUHEIST the slum lords of Hardcore/Metal? We're louder, heavier, and crunchier. We're a show that you need to see to believe. What do you get when you mix metal, punk, and hardcore? BRAUHEIST.


Brauheist started as a 3 piece European landscaping crew. After realizing our severe dislike for European landscaping and all the bullshit that came along with it, we took up jobs at the local strip club cooking steaks. But nobody orders steak at a strip club, so we started a punk band.

After 5 years, Brauheist decided it was time to do something with the festering hate we had bled into our music and made it angrier... In 2010 we found our singer and started smashing heads in on stage night after night... But it still didn't represent the angst and disgust that was mutually felt within the group.

In 2011, we added a new drummer and a new guitar player which boiled out to be the exact sound we were going for: anger, filth, and a pinch of disgust. Since recording our demo at Rain City Recorders, Brauheist has been looking to take the next step into Filthcore, whatever it may be.

We are ready to kill anything and everything.

Heads will roll.

[Sounds Like: BLACK BREATH, Lamb of God, Burn The Priest, Municipal Waste, Kreator, etc.]


BRAUHEIST Self-Titled - [Coming 2012]

Stream our music live at:

Set List

The Cubhunter
Tidal Waves of Death
Trophy Wives
Kill Everything
Deny Your Maker
Death Of
Bleed Out Your Own