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Kansas City, Missouri, United States | SELF

Kansas City, Missouri, United States | SELF
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"Present Magazine - Bravefellow, Spoils of War EP Review"

Bravefellow, a Kansas City-based quartet, released their debut EP Spoils of War in summer 2010. The guys combine driving rhythms, searing guitar, and melodic vocals with bold expression that seizes ground occupied by the likes of Snow Patrol, Muse, and U2.

Lead vocalist and frontman Brad Allen Johnson balances emotion and power with convincing swagger and sensitivity. That’s not an easy combination to convey without tipping too far in one direction. Guitarist/songwriter Andy Fox charges the standout track “You Will Never Know” with high voltage electricity and doles out crisp notes as drummer/keyboardist Michael Krueger peppers the song with tense rhythm. The song builds steadily into an epic anthem.

“Cold Blooded Lover” thrives on the brooding bass line of Shaun Alexander and Johnson’s wolfish vocals. The keyboard work of Krueger adds depth and underscores the angst of the song.

The drums and bass propel “Disarming” into overdrive. Fox’s guitar chatters like a machine gun in places and never gives up ground as the vocals soar for the horizon. “Moving Fast” is no slouch either. The band never lacks for energy.

On future releases, it’ll be interesting to see if Bravefellow can develop ballads and mid-tempo numbers where more subtle textures and varied arrangements come into play without sounding sappy or too commercial.

Recorded at Blacklodge Studios in Eudora Kansas under the watchful eye of producer/engineer Ed Rose, Spoils of War is a promising display of accessible songs that can rock an arena or shimmer across FM radio. Bravefellow is a pleasant surprise and welcome addition to a local music scene already brimming with edgy and introspective indie rock, danceable pop, punk rawk, expressive singer/songwriters, and a wealth of Americana. The sound (so far) of Bravefellow leans toward big-hearted rock performed with vigor and confident masculinity that could translate well outside of Kansas City. - Present Magazine

"Bravefellow - Spoils of War EP Review,"

For years I have whinged about the stranglehold of American radio by rock groups like Nickelback – middle of the road stuff your mum or your grade school teacher would not find objectionable but having absolutely no hope of grabbing my heart at all – but I think I may have found a potential light in the darkness. Bravefellow from Kansas City, Missouri, may be from the Midwest and these days, I am usually very scared when I get press kits from bands from that area (*cough* Kings of Leon *cough*), this band have named Snow Patrol, Muse and the Killers as musical touchstones and their press materials say their music is “subtly influenced by popularised Brit-rock”. Let me say I breathed a sigh of relief!

This quartet, starring Brad Allen Johnson on lead vocals, Andy Fox on guitar, Shaun Alexander on bass and Michael Krueger on drums, have just put out an EP in October called ‘Spoils of War’. What about this EP do I find most satisfying? Familiarity. For someone like me who has been in love with British music since I was a sprog, it’s as welcome putting on the jumper your nan knitted you when you were 10. It’s obvious Bravefellow are scholars of great bands of yesteryear. My ears perked up upon hearing ‘Cold Blooded Lovers’ because of its similarity to House of Love’s 1987 breakthrough single ‘Shine On’. But Johnson’s voice is very compelling, quite possibly more so than the one from ’80s London I’m comparing it to. I realise this could be potentially unsettling to the Guy Chadwick fans out there, so let’s move on…

‘Moving Fast’ starts sultry – think of the dark intro of the Police’s ‘Don’t Stand Too Close to Me’ – but then goes into true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, with driving guitar (arguably the best part of this track, really laying into you). I really like the ending too – you don’t really get rock songs that end with a satisfying bit of feedback. ‘You Will Never Know’ begins with janglings ala the Edge in ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’. Johnson’s husky voice even sounds a bit like Bono’s in this. Thankfully, it turns softer, then soars – dare I say Tom Chaplin-esque? (Actually, I take that back. I will say that confidently. The lyrics even sound Keane-ish. That’s a compliment, by the way.)

But the best song of this set of four is track #2, ‘Disarming’, for which I can’t find a song from music’s past to measure it up to. The drums, bass and screaming guitar with vocals dripping with conviction deliver one heck of a punch – wow. It’s like getting socked in the stomach, which is what a good, rough-around-the-edges rock song should do. This is some good stuff. “Are you ready / are you ready / are you ready for this?” asks Johnson. I’d say yes, without a doubt. Time for Kings of Leon to take a topple? You didn’t hear it from me…

There’s a lot to love about Bravefellow – they’ve studied the masters, they’ve got the talent. Now all they need to do is put out an album that reflects who they really are and where they want to go. They’ve got nothing to lose. Considering Mona impressed UK music critics so quickly and soundly this year and showed up at #1 on our 10 for 2011 poll, Bravefellow could be the next big American rock band to make waves.


‘Spoils of War’ by Bravefellow was released on Landlock Records and is available from iTunes. - There Goes The Fear


2010 Spoils of War EP



Formed in September 2009, Bravefellow began as 2 friends and 2 strangers writing songs on a vacant floor of an office building in Kansas City’s Westport district. The music, subtly influenced by Brit-rock, boasts soaring choruses, driving melodies, and well crafted hooks that have been drawing in audiences wherever they go. Many have found the music mature, fast paced, and strangely familiar, yet uniquely original all at once. Fans have comfortably uttered Bravefellow in the same breath as The Killers, Muse, and U2.

Seeking an effective method of communication, Bravefellow recorded their debut EP, ‘Spoils of War’ with producer Ed Rose at Blacklodge Studios in 4 days over the summer of 2010. Within one month of release, the band was selling physical CDs at live shows and has been doing well online thru 20 stores.

Since Bravefellow’s debut release, several songs have made regular rotation on 96.5 The Buzz, our local alternative radio station, as well as being used as bump music for local talk radio programs and one nationally syndicated program reaching 10 million listeners. The band is currently working a deal to license a song for use in an advertising campaign for a national restaurant chain.

Bravefellow quickly coalesced and started gigging locally and regionally in the Midwest. Armed with the classic instrumentation of the trade; a guitar, a bass, a microphone, and drums, you will also find something unexpected in a rock band – a heaping dose of modesty.

With a forward facing passion to constantly push the envelope and be innovative, the guys already have began writing and recording for their first full length album. At least one single from that new collection is set for release in October 2011. For more information about the band, visit

Bravefellow is: Brad Johnson (vocals), Shaun Alexander (bass and BGV), Andy Fox (guitar), and Michael Krueger (drums/keys).