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""BraveHearts 4 Christ""

BraveHearts 4 Christ

Published: Friday, March 24, 2006 - 6:00 am

By Adam Wickliffe

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Jody "Jay-Ill" Hayes
Fraser "Lil Fra" Forde
A.J. "Chosen 1" Wright

Urban, gospel rap. "The word of God in a hip-hop form," said Forde. Their goal is get people who don't usually listen to Christian music to do so. They refer to themselves as "ministers of music."

This Greenville-based group pulls its influence from secular and non-secular music to appeal to the youth of today. The group combines the message heard on Sundays with contemporary rap artists such as Young Jeezy and Juvenile to present their unique sound.

Hayes and Forde originally worked together on a group called JFK Productions on a cover of "Bite the Devil," but soon brought Wright in to complete the group. All the members attend Redemption World Outreach Center.

At Redemption, youth minister Tim Bouton presented a message called "Brave Heart" that explained that youth needed to be bold and brave in today's world. The group took the message to heart and found the name fit perfectly.

The group performs tomorrow at Y-Stock at the Cleveland Street Family Branch of the YMCA and at Sirrine Stadium during CityFest on April 15. The group's Web site is located at

- Greenville News


Although accolades from the media is always a plus, some of the strongest "reviews" the BraveHearts have received are from the people who attended the events where they have ministered:

"I'm so proud of them; watching them become men. The church gave me a praise report about them saying that they got before God before coming out to minister. They are making an huge difference in the upstate, God has so much in store for them. Many doors will open for them to enter. Just be ready when they open." Evangelist Hasker Hudgens, Redemption World Outreach Center

"Thank You for today, 10 were save, rededicated, and repented (at Generation Group Home). GOD brought you into our lives for our blessing, and HE used you to Bless those kids." Jamie Starnes, All of Clouds of Thunder Ministries of Laurens

"Thought you would like to know that while visiting with our kids in the inner-city last week, your songs were being played and I could hear them singing the words! My wife and I had some of them in our car on Saturday and put your CD in ... they wouldn't stop singing! Can't wait to see you again!" Pastor Steven, New Destiny Outreach Center Spartanburg, SC

"I just got home from church and thought you might like to know the kids were all talking about BraveHearts!!! During our service when the pastor was talking about yesterday he said it was a "G-O-D thing" and moved his arm like the boys in the song!!! I think it will be a long time before the kids forget about BraveHearts...!!! God Bless you all ... Love & Hugs!" Louise O., New Horizon Church

"I wanted to say thanks for all you did today and for being willing to
weather the storm not to perform but to minister in such a powerful way!! It was a pleasure and honor to meet you guys!!!" Pastor Mike Babb, Trinity Praise & Worship Center

"I'll say this much to the Bravehearts credit...I went through much spiritual warfare while finishing up school and the Bravehearts CD helped me get amped up when fighting against the darkness i went up against..."

"Hey!...I love your music!! I came all the way out from Chicago just for the youth conference and to hear yall perform! I can't wait till i go next year! I'm tellin all my friends about you so they can add you to their myspace! You guys are gona make it REALLY big, more than now! That conference changed my life and made me wana be a better person. I'm tryin to preach 2 me friends to get them in church cuz now that i realized i don't need all their negativity around me ya know.. but anyways TAKE CARE AND BE BLESSED!"

"Y'all were amazing. Thank you so much for coming out to our little place! You guys seem very down to earth, and I really enjoyed your music and your uplifting stories!
Love the cd, by the way. I hope to hear & see more of y'all in the near future"

"Yo Jay, God bless ya man, thanks for the word you gave us and personaly me at Restoration it was really needed i appreciate it. Hold it down for Christ, God bless."

" You guys are so awsome! I mean hearing those words last night just changed my whole perspective and just changed me so that i could give it all to the #1 person and that is GOD"

"Hey! Yall's music is HOT. It's changed my life alot. If I'm on myspace, I always go to listen to yall's music. Hopefully the next time you come to New Destiny Outreach Center I will be there. Peace!

"Yall inspired me to be the person I used to be - Thanks for every word that inspires me in your songs."

"Man ya'll were truly a blessing to me this week!!! I really thank my Lord and Savior, for letting you all speak to me with your music. Ya'll are truly rappin' the word of God and making changes in our lives."

"I just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed your performance on Saturday night. I enjoyed it so
much. You guys were the best there. I am going to talk to my youth pastor and give him your info so hopefully we can make plans to
schedule something soon. Until then, keep up the good work and God bless"

"Hey Guys!!! I pray that all is going well with you and your families and of course your ministry!!! I saw Brave Hearts at the Generation Group Home. I was never so impressed by a group of young men in all my life!!! I could feel the anointment jumping off of you all. I have talked so much about Brave Hearts at our church that everyone is looking forward to seeing you all. God Bless you all!"

"Hello, My name is Faith I was there the other night at Power Source Ministries. I just had to say that you all made me see that all these other singers and bands that are not for Christ may be cool for other kids but not for me. Every day I try to lead one of my friends or enemies to Christ. Some adults don't know how tough it is being a teen with all the drugs and music that the Devil trys to put in our lives. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart !"

"The pleasure was all ours having you to come and minister to our youth!!! I get so excited watching young people like yourselves minister to other youth.....God is using you young men in a mighty and powerful way!!!! I look forward to seeing you all again. God Bless you all"

- Various

"AWOE Magazine Article"

Bravehearts 4 Christ Exclusive
Hip-Hop Spotlight Interview

Bravehearts 4 Christ are truly a strong group of young people who love Christ. Jay, Chosen 1 and Fray ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 they have wisdom beyond their years along with energy and zeal for the things of God!

Coming right at us from South Carolina these guys are more than gifted, their anointed, focused and going to battle for Christ everyday. They bring Christ’s love, strength and energy to every performance. Reaching the saved and unsaved alike wherever they set their feet. Everything they sing about is what they believe and live out daily. As real as they are to their hailing fans they’re twice as real with each other. With brotherly love they set a standard for accountability to each other and the calling God has placed on their lives.
Bravehearts4Christ have experienced the favor of God almost from the start of their rap ministry. They performed their first major hit G.O.D. on a stage that they shared with Kirk Franklin and DA Truth. Equipped and representing Christ, here’s the Bravehearts4Christ Exclusive Interview…

Jen G’s Music View
Publisher and Editor of
AWOE Magazine

Youth Who Represent GOD!

"A pastor came up to us after one of our shows at the product table. He had tears in his eyes. He said he had to apologize & repent, because he never though rap music could be used for the glory of God.
But he said after hearing us minister,
he realized he was wrong."

Jen G: First I want to say your name BraveHearts 4 Christ is seriously a bold statement! Especially in today’s society where being a Christian isn’t always popular, especially for young people! Tell me why you guys chose your name and how long you’ve been rapping for Christ.

Jay: Our Youth Pastor preached a message regarding brave hearts, and actually used a clip from Mel Gibson’s movie to visualize his message. The message basically talked about being bold in your faith. We had been rapping together already under a different name.

Fray: After we changed the name it all seemed to click from that point on.

Jen G: How long have each of you been Christians? Chosen 1: Since I was a baby.

Jay: Since 7

Fray: 5

Jen G: As young people why is it important for you to represent Christ?

Chosen 1: Since we are teenagers ourselves, we know that sometimes it is hard to relate to people who are older than you. You feel like they don’t really understand what you are going through. A lot of times we can relate to teenagers and they can relate to us. And by sharing our faith with them, they see that there is no shame in loving the Lord.

Jay: – Romans 1:16!

Jen G: What type of example do you hope to set through Christian hip-hop?

Fray: A positive example. We try to make sure the songs have the Word of God all in them so when we people learn the words, they learn the WORD.

Jay: We have one song called Isaiah 53, where pretty much the chorus is straight from the scripture. Once people learn the chorus, they are literally singing the word of God … that’s hot!

Chosen 1: We are working on another song like that using Psalm 23.

Jen G: Why do you think the writing of G.O.D. set an ongoing fire in you guys?

Jay: – We never expected for G.O.D. to be as big as it has been – it took us by surprise … in a good way!

Chosen 1: That was the first song that we wrote entirely … and it was such a hit from the beginning. I think from that point on, we knew God had something in store for us.

Jen G: Does evangelizing to your peer’s fuel your momentum to not only create great music, but to live the lifestyle by example?

Fray: Oh yea, for sure! No one likes, listens to or respects a hypocrite. That’s not to say we have never made mistakes as teenagers-

Jay: But we try to remember that we have to lead by example.

Jen G: What does it mean to take your lead from Christ?

Jay: We try to live Christian like lifestyle in everything we do, including our music. Once you start to develop a relationship with Jesus – not religion or tradition – but a relationship, He will guide you in all you do – He takes the lead….

Jen G: How have ya’ll made an impact in your city?

Chosen 1: When we do shows in our hometown, and we see kids of all ages singing the words…. When people send you emails and myspace messages saying how our music ministered … those are the type of things that let you know you have made an impact.

Jen G: What have you seen God do through your performances and testimonies?

Fray: We have been blessed to see people actually worship through Hip Hop! Who would have thought?? A pastor came up to us after one of our shows at the product table. He had tears in his eyes. He said he had to apologize & repent, because he never though rap music could be used for the glory of God. But he said after hearing us minister, he realized he was wrong. That was a huge compliment! And we give all the credit to God, because He is the one that has given us our abilities and put us out there to spread His Word

Jen G: As a result of your faithfulness to your calling, God has opened some pretty amazing doors for you as a group! Tell me what was it like to open for Kirk Franklin and Da Truth?

Chosen 1: Man! That was amazing. To us, Kirk Franklin is probably one of the most respected Gospel Artists in the world. To be able to not only open for him, but to meet him was an honor … it was hot.

Jay: Even crazier was the whole day leading up to it. Fray had to go in the hospital due to his Hemophilia a few days before the show. The doctors were not sure if he was going to be able to go. At first we started to stress… then we started to pray….

Fray: I remember saying to the doctor … “I gotta be there” – it was crazy! The enemy was trying to rob me of my dream, but we weren’t having it! Finally the doctors said I could go but had to be back in like 5 hours.

Jay: We were all in the room practicing – and at that point we didn’t know for a 100% certain if Fray was gonna be let out. Then he came walking through the door and all of us were excited and praising God. It was wild…. You had to be there.

Chosen 1: Then we found out that Da Truth was looking for us and wanted to talk to us cause he heard about Fray and the whole hospital thing. We spent like 10 minutes praying with him. It was pretty powerful.

Jen G: How have they impacted your lives directly or indirectly?

Fray: Since I was a kid, I always loved Kirk Franklin. His music is incredible. One of his latest songs - “Imagine Me” is such a great song …

Jay: I picked up Da Truth’s last CD and was really impressed. His lyrics, his style … everything! He encourages me to take it to the next level!

Jen G: One of the many things you guys do so well is integrate the word literally in your music with songs like Isaiah 53 Live and He Shall Be Called, but most importantly you guys address the personal relationship you guys have with Him. How do you guys as a group, friends and one-on-one stay strong in Christ?

Chosen 1: Well, for one thing we try to hold each other accountable. If we do not agree with something on of us is doing, we aren’t afraid to step up and say so. We argue like brothers sometimes, especially when we don’t agree…

Jay: But we respect each other …

Fray: And know we have each other’s back!

Jen G: How important has it been to have each other edifying/encouraging the other in hard times?

Chosen 1: Very important.

Jay: we know that no matter what we can turn to each other during hard times … and we have!

Jen G: Do you believe God brought ya’ll together?

Fray: Without a doubt…

Chosen 1: We are definitely on assignment that God had already laid out for us. He told Jeremiah that he knew him before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Nothing is by accident … God put us together before we even knew each other’s names…

Jen G: What would you say to other young people who are having a hard time having a brave heart for Christ?

Fray: This goes back to relationship. Keep believing. Keep reading the Word. Get involved with your Youth Group. Surround yourself with people who will help you stay focused on God.

Jay: It’s like this: When I go to the doctor’s office, the first thing I think is “Man, I don’t wanna catch what all these people have!” Because you know they may have something that’s contagious. Christianity is contagious … when you're around it all the time, eventually you gonna catch it...

Chosen 1: And that’s something worth catching.

Jen G: And what would you guys say to those who are searching or wondering is this faith thing real?

Chosen 1: The definition of Faith is the evidence of thing believed but not seen or heard. That’s tough at times. When Jesus came back, one of the disciples, Thomas, was doubtful. He said that he would only believe it was actually Jesus who returned if he saw the holes in his hand. After Jesus showed him the holes, Thomas was convinced. Then Jesus said to Thomas, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”

Fray: The Bible also says all you need to have is faith the size of a mustard seed … from there, watch it grow!

ANJ Enterprise
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Call: 864.346.5786

Be sure to visit Bravehearts 4 Christ's Official Website for the upcoming release of their new album IT'S WARFARE.

Next Week: Check out
Bravehearts4Christ's Exclusive Profiles!
- AWOE Magazine

"Upcoming and exciting news"

BraveHearts 4 Christ will also soon be featured on a News 4 story, reported by Emmy award winning anchor Nigel Robertson, that will air on Tuesday, November 13. This news story will be available for world-wide viewing on WYFF4 or in the Carolinas on channel 4.

Recently, BraveHearts 4 Christ have had many doors and opportunities open to them allowing them to minister in many locations. BraveHearts 4 Christ will be at the 8th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards, MC'd by eDDie Velez "Da Preachin Puerto Rican", Kurtis 'Blow' Walker and Kelly Glow to be held in January 2008 in Atlanta, GA as well as the Carolina Holy Hip Hop Awards, put together by The McClure Brothers, Correy aka HOOD, Twan aka Tru Witness and Darriusfrom Charlotte NC. The event will be held at New Life Fellowship (Pastor John P. Kee's Church), to be held in April 2008 in Charlotte, NC.

- ANJ Enterprise

"Spotlight on Holy Hip Hop"

Spotlight On Holy Hip Hop

POSTED: 11:29 am EST November 12, 2007
UPDATED: 4:12 pm EST November 12, 2007

A group of young rappers says that instead of sex and violence, they are bringing God's message to the next generation. But some people say the music behind the message is too much for the church. One woman even says it "must repulse a holy God."

Tuesday at 11 p.m., News 4's Nigel Robertson is going to introduce you to Brave Hearts 4 Christ, and their message.

There is no doubt that it challenges the old way of preaching the Gospel through music, and that has some speaking out.

One Spartanburg woman wrote:

"Listened to your promo this A.M. regarding Holy Hip Hop. Who was the woman you interviewed and what Bible does she read? Mine tells us to make a joyful noise to the Lord. I believe her comments reflected her own biases. And by whose authority does she speak for God?

"Clearly the goal of Holy Hip Hop is to win young souls to Christ. How can anyone dare suggest that God doesn't like it? Perhaps people who object are tuned in to religion but not to a personal relation with Jesus.

"We ought to rejoice that young people care enough to reach out to other young people via a medium that appeals to many. I say 'thank you' to these young people and praise God for their conviction. Any music that glorifies God is music to His (and my) ears."

A Greenwood pastor wrote:

"Regarding the much anticipated "Holy Hip Hop" story you're doing Tuesday, I just can't wait until the story to sound off... I submit this for your consideration before the story airs to avoid 'arguing' with any viewpoint that may be presented... How can anyone be so self-righteous as to suppose that God refuses to accept praise from anyone in any style.

"As a person of American Indian and European ancestry who is active in Indian Powwows and simultaneously the Pastor of a conservative evangelical Church, I have encountered very little criticism to my face, but I have heard the self-righteous grapevine lynch me from time to time. As American Indians, our traditions are much closer to those of the Hebrews of Solomon's temple than our European Churches steeped in Southern culture and bigotry.

"I am appallingly convinced that such a story is needed, and I applaud your efforts to present this to the public for feedback. I only hope that people consider how much our music and traditions have changed since the Europeans (as subjects of the Roman Empire) adapted Christianity to their calendar, rituals and culture. Unfortunately, most seem to think that Jesus sang Amazing Grace with a pipe organ and read from the King James Bible. The last time the Church refused to try to accommodate the cultural needs of the people, the result was the dark ages... Must we endure such again?

"Hip hop, Campmeeting, Native Traditional Music, Southern Gospel, Black (African American) Gospel, Hymns: they are all beautiful in their own right. They all minister to God's children who have a right and RESPONSIBILITY to be as different as He made us!

"Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING. The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

"The only thing we are required to agree on as Christians is Jesus Christ, the son of God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the Cross for MY sins, raised from the dead for MY resurrection. Other than this, Romans 14:1 warns is to receive those weak in the faith, but not to doubtful disputations. In order words, it is SINFUL to argue over things that are not explicitly detailed in the Bible."

Copyright 2007 by - WYFF - NBC Affiliate - SC

"Freedom Weekend Aloft - Simpsonville, SC"

NEW FOR 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baseball field located nearest park entrance

Sunday, May 27 & Monday, May 28

Young and old alike will enjoy two days of non-stop performances as each group showcases their unique talents. Bring a blanket or a chair and plan on enjoying this fantastic addition!

Organizers would like to thank and recognize Ms. Gaylyn Arnold for her dedication and hard work in making this First Annual Gospel Festival possible. The talent of the participants is impressive and their gifts inspirational and we are all truly thankful and blessed to have each and every participant!

To share a little information on just a few of the participants:

Martha Gordon Osagi resides in Arizona and is traveling across the country to take part in this “First Annual Event”. A remarkable young lady who has dedicated her life to using her gift as she would say….”For all that God has done for me the least I can do is use my gift to glorify Him”.
Brave Hearts 4 Christ is a Christian based rap group from Greenville, SC.
Favor was founded in 2005 ….all the women of Favor are first cousins and have originated from a rich foundation of gospel singers such as Sophia Jackson, Linda F. Sullivan, Brandi Wilson and Jacqueline Burton.
From Mauldin the T-Motion Dance Studio offers a wide array of dance styles from praise, hip-hop, jazz and more
With 25+ choruses, ensembles, individuals participating this year we are confident that this will become a signature event not only for this year but all the years to follow!

Organizers of the FWA Gospel Festival would like to thank Nikki Williams and NJ Productions for their extensive help with this years event!!

200 Fairview Lake Way • Simpsonville • SC 29680

NJ Productions is an inspired promotional team committed to introducing different genres of Christian events to the upstate and the surrounding areas. Based in Simpsonville South Carolina since December 2004, NJ Productions is an integration of two individuals, Nikki Williams & Jackie Hagood.

NJ Productions is not just a company, it is a ministry! We are committed to do more than the expected.

- Greenville News

"Rockinng & Rapping & Praising"

September 10, 2007

Well, once again God came through for me, at the very moment I needed Him. By Saturday I'll admit I was a bundle of nerves. I'm still not exactly sure why. I don't know if it was lack of faith and trust, or if God wanted me to loose all my confidence in self, so that I would find all my confidence in Him. The basketball tournament was small but still fun. Hot dogs and food went good, and the meal my Aunt Pat prepared went well. Captured arrived first, and started setting up. This was part of my fear. All of this equipment I knew nothing about. But, Adam E. stepped in and handled that. We decided the youth room would be the best room for the concert, and it really was. I think that stage really got used that night. That may have been the first concert like that, I'm not sure. We had some ice breakers, and then an outstanding drama from Evangel chuch. Then BraveHearts4Christ performed, and it was amazing. I think that this style of music sometimes get an unfair bad rap(pardon the pun). If a kid listens to secular music, and comes to the realization that this same style of music is availabe to him/her from a Christian artists, he can be ministered to. I know that alot of kids were listening to the message being shared by this group. They were just so sincere. Then Captured performed. Again, everybody got excited and loved it. The funniest thing was when Oscar asked Captured bass player Jon if he could touch his gotee.
I was excited by all the positive feedback I got, and yesterday I saw people wearing the groups ts! We had a gazillion hot dogs and drinks left over. So we had dinner for the youth and for Vision and for lil' kids last night.

- Gina Passour - Blog


BraveHearts 4 Christ has released an independant underground CD entitled "MixTape Volume 1". This limited 6 Track release was the prequal for the "It's Warfare" CD, which is now available.

Point Proven is their upcoming project, which will be released June 22, 2008.



Fraser “Fray” Forde, Jody “Jay” Hayes, and AJ “Chosen 1” Wright, otherwise known as BraveHearts 4 Christ, are three Holy Ghost filled young men who are anointed by God to spread the Gospel to the world. Using Hip-Hop as a forum, this dynamic group is intent to touch the hearts of those who might not have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are called to encourage and to train listeners in the way that they should go, utilizing their music to create an outlet to worship our Lord and Savior.

They have experienced amazing opportunities to minister to different age groups, races, and religious backgrounds with crowds ranging from small church groups of 20+, to large youth conferences, and even community events where 20,000+ have been in attendance. Hip Hop is the format they utilize; however, it is not just the “Hip Hop” crowd that responds to them. The BraveHearts have the uniqueness of being well received by people form all walks of life. They have a unique ability to break down barriers and deliver the Word of God effectively. They hear the voice of God and are obedient to Him, delivering a fresh Word to every crowd.

Their music and lyrics are created to inspire themselves as well as others. While they may be young in age, their spiritual maturity is evident in their lyrics and as they minister on every stage. BraveHearts 4 Christ are on fire for God and not ashamed to admit it; being confident in who they are in Christ and the call that has been placed upon them.

They have shared the stage with many different artists of all genres of music, including Kirk Franklin, Martha Munizzi, Disciple, Trip Lee, and many others. The BraveHearts are not entertainers, nor are they rappers. The BraveHearts are true ministers. They are innovators and have started a new genre of music called Prophetic Rap.

The BraveHearts have received various media exposure, including a newspaper article, TV interview, radio exposure, and a WYFF 4 News feature (the video of the news story can be viewed on their myspace site). The now defunct Greenville Gospel Station, Praise 103 played one of their tracks, “G.O.D.” in regular rotation.

The Holy Hip-Hop Movement is just beginning, and the BraveHearts are blessed to be a part of it! Their diligence and fine crafting of their skills have caused them to lead many to Christ, their lyrics have fed many hungry souls, and allowed solid Christians to experience good clean music.

Ephesians 4:16 (The Message) We take our lead from Christ, who is the source of everything we do. He keeps us in step with each other. His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love.

1 Timothy 4:10-12 (The Message) …Now pass on this counsel to the followers of Jesus there, and you'll be a good servant of Jesus. …This is why we've thrown ourselves into this venture so totally. We're banking on the living God, Savior of all men and women, especially believers.
Get the word out. Teach all these things. And don't let anyone put you down because you're young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity. Stay at your post reading Scripture, giving counsel, teaching. And that special gift of ministry you were given when the leaders of the church laid hands on you and prayed…

Ministerial Statement:

The BraveHearts goal & vision is to spiritually encourage others, as well as themselves. As their ministry grows, as does their faith. As their faith increases, they become more powerful tools for the Kingdom. As they become more powerful, the enemy has to retreat. As the enemy retreats, more souls are saved, and Christ is victorious.