Brave Monster

Brave Monster


A swift punch to the face. Our own brand of indie endurance rock is energetic, melodic, and punchy. Also sounds like "at the drive-in" got in a fight with "death cab for cutie". everyone won.


Emerging from the rubble of America's finest city, the 5 take a cohesive songwriting approach, and know a little bit of the studio ropes. Our first EP was crafted around September of 2006 with the help of Brian Grider at SCM, with 2 follow-up songs recorded in February of 2007 by the multi-talented Nate Heller at SCM. The result is a professional sound on tape, and a high energy show to boot. Live or recorded, we bring a hefty punch and have a blast doing it.


EP (2006)
1. gimme the gun, Joey
2. better get better
3. can't be cool with the old
4. make like you don't care
5. not just you

Breakdance Kid - single (2007)
1. Breakdance Kid
2. Down In Flames

Set List

No covers, we just open it up and keep bashing through our original material for 45mins/10 songs

- they're only mistakes
- trace with a knife
- gimme the gun, Joey
- better get better
- can't be cool with the old
- make like you don't care
- not just you
- you can't save me
- breakdance kid
- down in flames
- time machine
- clever