Brave Radar

Brave Radar


Two guitars, garage drums, all hits.


Brave radar are idiosyncartic pop group based in Montreal. They build shambolic ditties that captivate and mess about. The songs are sometimes pop deconstructions and sometimes ideas in their infancy kept short with melody the focus. Recording is often done on the fly for this reason. For the same reason the fidelity is often low.

Brave Radar began as the solo project of Conor Prendergast, then living in Sydney, Australia. After self-releasing four CD-Rs, Conor moved to Montreal where he began performing and recording with Tessa Smith. A new, livelier Brave Radar took shape. Good friend Gabe Ng now joins the two for live shows.

Brave Radar played SXSW in 2007 and have played Pop Montreal three years running. Ultramarine EP is their most recent recorded material. They are currently working on the full length follow up to 2007s Distracting Stangers to be released on Fixture Records early 2009.


Feb 2008: Distracting Strangers
October 2008: Ultramarine EP
March 2009: Forthcoming sophomore album

Set List

20-30 minutes of short winners.