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"8.55 out of 10!"

braver by the 2nd
braver by the 2nd Website-
"Your Posture Gives Away The Position Of Your Heart"
Pop Punk/EMO
Release Date- Out Now
Rating- 8.55
by C.W. Ross

The Alabama band has their music career on the fast track.

Having only been formed in the summer of 2006 the band
already has this CD, "Your Posture Gives Away The Position
Of Your Heart" out along with playing several shows and benefit
type concerts.

This release features what the band calls, 'Smile Rock.' It's a
mixture of Pop Punk and EMO styles of music.

This band is the perfect example of, is the glass half empty or
half full?

The band uses their songs to talk about life putting their positive
viewpoint on it.

The band says that "...They believe in letting the chips fall where
they may, and rely on God for encouragement and strength through
the mistakes they've made..."

The songs found on this CD feature guitar parts that change
according to the song's tempo. They range from slow and melodic
to all out fast full speed ahead smoking riffs.

The drum beats are always there marking time for the songs while
occasionally steeping to the forefront to let out a barrage of thunderous

The vocals are solid and emote emotion.

Out of the six tracks found on this CD I liked all but one.

The ballad, "Throw In The Towel," missed the mark for me. It is loaded
with passionate lyrics but the echoing and tinny production sound found
on it really distracted me from the song itself.

That being said this is still a really solid effort from the band. It should
act as a nice cornerstone for the band to continue building upon.

Visit the site - Christianrockersonline


Your Posture Gives Away the Postion of Your Heart - EP released Sept. 2006 available on itunes, cd baby and several other major electronic distribution sites.
Low EP June 2009



Having survived the death of a former band-mate and the successive loss of another close friend and fellow musician just a year later, Braver by the 2nd was born. The Braver members decided to form in their memory to honor their fallen friends' unfailing commitment to music. Living in the same small town in Alabama, each member of Braver gained experience playing in several other local bands prior to Braver's formation. Braver feels they were finally led to each other by their heart and passion for music. The separate members of braver realized as they got older and joined forces that over time only those with heart and true love for music were still playing in their local scene. Braver feels that this same heart and passion they still have today is what sets them apart from many bands in the current music scene locally and throughtout the nation. They live to create music that is as much felt, as it is heard. Their love and passion for each other and music can be felt and witnessed on stage, as the love and joy of brothers doing what they love together on stage is evident. Smiles, energy, and a genuine stage presence is something that exists naturally for braver and they intend on sharing that feeling and energy with you each and every show. There are a number of people that already know exactly how special a Braver show is. In 2007, Braver was a part of the 11th year of the long running music and extreme sports tour called the Extreme Tour and was a featured part of AtlantaFest that same year. In 2009, Braver played the Cornerstone Music Festival and has several shows booked through the Southeast. The members are influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Grade, Thursday, Mineral, Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen. Braver has had to overcome a number of obstacles being from a small podunk town in Alabama to self release their first EP "Your Posture Gives Away The Position of Your Heart" in 2006 and just self released a new EP called "Low" early this Summer. Just know "things will never be the same".