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"Party Review"

Bravesoul was the best performance of the night by far. I was seriously shocked when they started playing. I didn't think a band of this caliber would suddenly appear at our event. Their songs were warm and perfectly executed, and they were the one of the few bands I've heard that properly balanced their levels to the small setting atmosphere. The audience loved every minute! - The Barn, LA - Mark Paulson, owner


Bravesoul's sound is a seamless mixture of soulpoprock with heartfelt and honest lyrics that pinpoint the hard-to-articulate pressure points of the human condition. Seriously he’s that good …

- Alexis Fitts, Scene Magazine


...Build It Up is a trifecta of excellent writing, beautiful melodies and a strong hook.



The Sideways Guide to Love EP - 2011



Album to be released December 20th, 2011

New school roots with old school soul. That's how famed rock guitarist Peter DiStefano (Porno For Pyros) described their sound upon first listening. Bravesoul was born out of Los Angeles, CA. It is the latest project that singer/songwriter Marty Rod and bassist/songwriter Eric Noble have been carrying around in their psychic space for five years. As musicians with deep roots in a variety of styles, they've worked in numerous signed and unsigned bands, carving out a soul-driven sound and writing style that has been ignited by the straight-ahead, power-rock drumming of Jason Baksh, a seasoned LA drummer who joined the trio in early 2011. Their first EP, scheduled for release in the fall of 2011, brings to the greater public songs that have been incubating in the rehearsal space for months, that have taken on vastly different forms and sounds and are now crystalized into their current states of being. As popular music blog described it, "they have an unusual depth of taste and groove that promises to hit the modern pop music landscape with surprise." With songs crafted with the same combination of pop-accessibility and heartfelt authenticity that anchors the music of the legends, Bravesoul is poised for great things in 2012.

About the album:
"It was a very strange and surprising moment when we realized how perfectly the words of these five separate songs could fit so well into a mosaic. It wasn't our initial intention, but The Sideways Guide to Love came together accidentally, born out of our obsession with writing songs that delved into the inner workings of relationships - both the good and the bad that goes with them. It may have been the fact that we wrote them around the same period of time, or that we didn't want to reinterpret the same themes, but as the songs came together lyrically, I realized that we could explore five completely different stages of a relationship with these five songs. These are the most common themes in songwriting, but by breaking them down into distinct moments, maybe we could swim even deeper and really tap into the feelings and the thoughts that we all experience in those stages. Music, fortunately for us, is perhaps one of the best art forms that can capture those extremely emotional yet fleeting moments in our lives. We sorted the songs in order of our personal favorites, but it just so happens that if you reverse that order, you'll get the stages of our guide to love - from the moment you meet that girl named Trouble to the moment where you finally understand what it means to be a Heartbreaker.
With all our love,