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The best kept secret in music


"Special Feature : Bravest Kid In School"

Bravest Kid In School have been making a name for themselves throughout the country over the last year supporting the likes of Republic of Loose and Aslan and reaching the final of the National Student Music Awards. The quartet consist of Conor McGlynn (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Brennan (lead guitar, vocals), Alan Smyth (drums) and Brendan Smyth (bass).They describe their style of music as modern guitar rock influenced by the likes of The Stone Roses, Mogwai, Sigur Ros and Daft Punk.
The Four lads look cool and self-assured, their attitude to their music seems to be "if you're good enough, things will happen for you". It would seem for Bravest Kid In School, this relaxed attitude is beginning to pay off. After their performance at the National Student Music Awards ripples of impending success began to spread amongst the music industry and an increased fanbase has accumulated, something the band are very proud of. For them the highlight of their career so far has been a recent gig in Dublin club, Crawdaddy. "We were the only band playing and before we had even set up there was a queue of people about 200 yards long- the doors weren't even open yet!"
Their musical style is a dynamic form of guitar-driven alternative rock and with it, Bravest Kid In School are competing in a genre of music that is already overflowing with Irish talent. However, they are more than willing to put up a fight and do not see the indie rock scene fading anytime soon. "With two guitars, bass and drums? I don't think you'll ever see the end of it. I don't see it as a problem."
At the moment the brave ones are concentrating on their song writing. It is clearly important for the band to perfect their music and produce quality material for their fans. "Theirs a lot of bands promoting themselves and gigging without much [material] to back it up" says Conor. "Whoring themselves out" adds Andy as the band burst into laughter.
The band view the internet as a valuable resource for getting their music into the public arena. "We've just recorded a new song that will go up on myspace" The band find that this creates a familiarity amongst fans with their songs, something they have begun to notice more at their gigs. Having already made an appearance at the UCD student club, students will get another chance to see the band play in the near future amongst the line up for this years Ents Fest. Until then, the lads will be working on their music in the hope of creating a future album and waiting for everything to fall into place
- UCD Observer, October 2006


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"the first time we played together in any kind of format was back in august, an acoustic show we had put together after about three hours practice the few days before"

This marked the first, last and only time bravest kid in school would ever, ever wing it. The band are professional, deliberate and well drilled in every inch of their set. As musicians, it is immediately evident that all four members have something to offer. Furthermore, to their credit, this band shows a natural ability to present each track in it's own distinct way and differentiate from song to song. This does not happen by mistake or coincidence but is the result of intelligent attention to detail. It is this diversity that allows 8k15 to give the crowd something fresh every five minutes, something that is arguably lacking in the current UK scene. Influences include Mogwai, Death In Vegas, Stone Roses, Reindeer Section, Sigur Ros, Chemical Brothers.