Brave Tin Soldiers

Brave Tin Soldiers


if Muse and Radiohead had a child that really liked Led Zepplin and got romantically involved with Stereophonics.


Brave Tin Soldiers is a Chicago based rock/alt rock trio consisting of long-time friends guitar player Pete Alexander, bass player Jason Kedsch, and drummer Patrick Szczypinski.

Taking cues from such bands as Muse, Stereophonics, and Radiohead, Brave Tin Soldiers brings energy and excellent songwriting back to the spotlight with a heavy hitting rhythm section and piercing and unrelenting melodies. BTS brings a seriously thick tone to many of their songs and tastefully blends dynamics, sections of all out power and drive, and torn down sections of songs to make a truly unique and well thought out kind of musical experience. Their live show is truly something to behold. Where most trios find it difficult to provide a full sound without using programmed backing tracks, BTS is able to give the listener a complete bombardment of sound while being able to utilize the trio size to give heavy weight to dynamics and raw sound.

This band brings the rock.


Brave Tin Soldiers - EP
Black Snow Angels EP
Black Snow Angels

Set List

The band can do anything from a solo acoustic set to a full band set. Ranging to any requirement for time.