Bravo Johnson

Bravo Johnson


Rock’n Roll, alternative Country and Rhythm & Blues meet the Old Testament by way of the Basement Tapes. Inspired by the films of Luis Bunuel, it draws as much from Byrds, Gene Clark as it does from Zeppelin and even borrows a sprinkle of medicine show vaudeville.



Originally seen as out of step with Indy Rock and Americana, the first official release under the Bravo Johnson name Aimlessly Drifting, (Stone Junction 2006) was assisted by Hendrik Roever and Inaki Garcia. Critics described Bravo Johnson in the Tom Petty-styled Americana vein whose take on vocal harmonies and jangly guitars borrowed as much from the Gene Clark as it did from Zeppelin and was notable for the attention to sound. The songs may have been thinly-disguised glosses on standard country rock themes, but the hooks where there and they had been primped and preened into sophisticated pieces in which Roever's guitar, in particular, was used with spectacular versatility, his parts comprised not so much chord sequences and lead lines, but a series of dynamic flourishes peeling off blues-rockabilly leads in the showboating manner of R&B guitarists like Ike Turner and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown


Fast forward two years and taking a systematic, unhurried approach the band introduces The Crooked and the Straight (Stone Junction, 2008) a double CD that deftly mines Americana, Rock’n Roll, alternative Country and Rhythm & Blues moulding styles at will and proving why Bravo Johnson is one of Music’s most adventurous and talented artists. With his rock collage of musical styles, oblique, ironic lyrics, with references to the Old Testament by way of the Basement Tapes, inspired by the films of Luis Bunuel, There are plenty of solid tunes all peeking their heads through the band’s established not so hard-rock sound. There are mellow intimate tunes and amp to 11 anthems alike and plenty of subversive elements that split the difference which probably exile it from the land of true Americana and into classic rock territory but that nevertheless takes them to add a sprinkle of preservation hall Jazz and medicine show vaudeville.


Aimlessly Drifting 2006
Crooked and the Straight 2008