Riverdale, Georgia, USA
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The hottest underground talent from the South hands down, Lyrical, Edgy, Witty, Hard, Genius. B YOUNG FOREVER is the truth check the video!!!!!


Up from the grimy roots of dirty south hip hop, College Park, Georgia-based artist, BRAVO YOUNG has emerged an undeniable talent. Armed with gut-punching lyrics, verbal dexterity and the skills to flow over beats that keep the ladies jigglin’, it’s no wonder he’s called the ColliPark Presidente. With a sound that swings from ominous and threatening to seductive and humorous, Bravo Young has been branding his name in the streets for years as one of the best, now it is time for the pay up.

Young and driven, Bravo Young independently released his first album Homegrown. The record created a local buzz in the Southeast off of the success of the bangin’ first release single Okay. Even without the support of radio airplay, Bravo Young was able to move over 3000 units and he sold them all from the back of his trunk. Refusing to rest, B.Young went on to release a mix tape CD entitled CP 2 the TV to let the streets know that he was serious. The grassroots-supported single “Okay” then caught the attention of club owners, DJs and radio personalities and the song hit the airwaves on powerhouse stations V103 and 97.5 The Beat.

No stranger to performing, he’s taken the stage in support of his releases, proving he’s as comfortable getting nasty on a stage as he does in the booth. He’s shared the stage with other top artists like Ludacris and Field Mob in addition to holding it down at Blues in the Alley, Royal Peacock and a host of other venues throughout the southeast. Additionally, he performed by request for Ray Buchannan’s daughter, Destiny for a taping of MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.”

Bravo Young has also collaborated with an army of underground DJs and Producers including Rusty James (Beat Bangaz), Danja (Unified World Ent.), DJ Brad (Legion of Doom) and The Agency. However, his latest work with Reggie Rock of Rockstar Beats that his work has taken on a new color and feel that’s forging hit-making gold.

Mixing his flow with Reggie Rock’s beats has already led Bravo Young’s work being featured on episodes of “Candy Girls” on E! Entertainment Television. Like heroes Dr. Dre and Eminem and Eric B. and Rakim, the duo is quickly becoming recognized as the latest in a long line of respected hip hop artist-producer pairings. With Reggie Rock’s beats to inspire him, their upcoming album will be nothing short of groundbreaking.

The future is here and its name is BRAVO YOUNG.
The ColliPark Presidente is definitely in the building.




Bravo Young: Beastin
24/ 7 get money im beastin/ while you all sleeping man I still stay Beastin
beating backs outta chicks that im freaking car sit tall rims big for no reason

Whip game proper rock a couple pair of Pradas, Louis, Gucci, Ferragamo
But I mainly rock Lo/ love a chick with big knockers cute face big budonka/
Nice legs hella freaky but she ain’t no hoe/ Im Beastin each and every time I hold the mic
This a triple double type performance you see ery night/ flow so timeless
Ya need to just rewind this/ press play in ya stereo need be reminded
This is young Shaquiel no flop like Vlade/ no coaster cd no Frisbee music/
This is post Bobby Brown miss Whitney Houston this is black MJ Quincy Jones producing/ im Beastin

24/ 7 get money im beastin/ while you all sleeping man I still stay //Beastin//
beating/ backs outta chicks that im freaking car sit tall rims big for no reason/
Beastin// Polo im rocking all season dead fresh shawty but ya boy still breathing
Beastin// get dumb than im reaching man I goes hard/ everyday like the weekend

I been on my Grizzly when they wasn’t feeling B/ Young in they zone
Now they crying for a penalty/ flag they mad cause im pulling on they facemask
Stiff-armin niggas to the ground till they taste grass/ balling/ Beastin/ im out here feasting
And yall steady falling and ya still just reaching/ for hotness I got this
Gone sit here on the bench/ I’m Peterson on 28’s you just like Emmit Smith/
Gone put some ice on it while I floss with ice on me looking like the future shining bright big tie on me/ smiling like draft day jerkin in the In zone/
Bow Bow now im getting paid so just get gone /Beastin.


Man I stay Beastin every days like the weekend/ Monday thru Sunday
Can’t tell when the week end/ fish lungs last night on Seagram’s
Pulled a all nighter with a chick till our feet hung/ from the other side of the bed/
Shots to the head/ she done lost her mind so she giving me some brain instead/
Man I stay Beastin I do this shit here on the reg/ do a show screw a hoe/
Now im in the studio/ session go beautiful I do this on the usual/
Bass get em jumping like some fuckin marsupials/
I choose to go against the flow/ I be on a different wave
Center stage shawty bringing heat like im D-Wade /Beastin.



Grizzly (MIXTAPE ) 2005
CP2 the TV MIXTAPE 2004
Homegrown LP 2003