braxton bragg

braxton bragg


original rock and roll, reminiscent of the hard rocking 70's. Classic guitar Hooks and punchy rhythms mix with catchy melody and a touch of twang to bring to mind arguably the best era of rock.


It's a hot Saturday afternoon at Braxton Bragg's next engagement, the Clinton Street Fair in portland, OR., a day after a "Barnburner" of a show at the notorious Duff's Garage. The twangy rock and roll battalion fires off their first volley with a punchy country rocker entitled "Cole Black Heart." As a small crowd of unsuspecting peeps soon gather, smiles form on the promoter and soundperson faces. A sizable crowd starts to amass as street fair passers-by stop in there tracks to groove and a trolley car stops dead center stage on Division Street. While some hang out the window to listen, a "dance floor on rails" instantly morphs as passengers are swept away, yippin' and hollerin'. An empty sidewalk on the far side of the main drag is now lined with ambitious new fans.

Just before the short, 45 minute set of all original American rock and roll culminates, the promoter dials up someone on the phone and emphatically barks out, "You should hear these guys!!" Sweatin' and grinnin' , the rambunctious Braxton Bragg Boys break down their rock and roll fortress , satisfied with another successful engagement providing ample supply of enthusiastic, fresh recruits for this rock and roll General's army!"

After experiencing the typical "band naming" crisis among other scatter brained musician trials and tribs, the band satirically dubbed itself after America's most indecisive military figure, also known as "General Incompetence". Braxton Bragg is now reserected in a fresh, edgey, well polished southern-classic rock form. Vintage tube amps with old Gibson and fender guitars make the clear- crunchy tone that distinguishes catchy chordal melodies and harmonies. A heavy drum beat and fat bass round out the trademark "punch" layden tunes. Fans rutinely give emphatic responses at shows demonstrating the pent-up demand for what this band has to offer: classic, riff heavy, rock with a touch of twang and a gaggle-a-guts.

With influences that range from Aerosmith, ZZ top, AC/DC, Skynyrd, Cheap Trick, Zepplin, Stones, Eagles, Allman Bros, Black crows, Ben Kweller/ Keb Moe/ Southern Culture on the Skids, etc. Braxton Bragg envokes a raw, no frills sence to American rock in a rare pairing with catchy, pop-sensible song writing. With the exception of the two brothers, all four members came together piece-meal, privileged to have assembled music with a common goal: ROCK-EM-HARD!


EP, Braxton Bragg- self produced. Debut CD due for release Spring 2008, "Braxton Bragg"

Set List

We have 3) 45 minute sets laced with a few cover tunes that fit the genre. We lately have been doing a hard rocking, southern "leaning" set that is about 11 songs ( 50 minutes ) long that ends in one pounding, slide guitar rocker by Blackfoot. All others are similar originals that leave the crowd energized. We have been playing in showcase( 2 to 4 band) settings mostly. With more sets we throw in some ZZ, Aerosmith, Zep, Stones and even that old Badfinger song " No Matter What"
typical 1 hour set;
sweaty things
walter ego
lonesome road
never run and hide
friend of mine
Dante's Theme
Train, Train ( Blackfoot )