brazen crush

brazen crush


GRITTY JAZZY TRIPPY FUNKY ROOTSY GROOVES Brazen Crush is a new, independent Toronto musical collaboration. It is the fruit of veteran performers from Ontario and the East Coast.


Brazen Crush is the new fruit of four veteran performers. With a line-up that includes the stellar vocal talent of Stacy Ricker, Jennifer Gillmor on fretted and fretless basses and cello, Cheryl Reid on drums and Steve Sauvé on keys, the sound is highly original ranging from down tempo groove, funk, jazz, hints of '80s alternative and rootsy flavours.

With influences as diverse as Meshell Ndegeocello, Massive Attack, Jorane, Eurythmics, Dave Brubeck and David Bowie, and a singer who has drawn likeness to Alanis Morisette and Norah Jones, Brazen Crush offers elements to please many musical palates. With a funky bassist/cellist and passionate singer, the groove is always paramount. Add to that the jazzy keyboard stylings and solid, creative drumming, and the regular use of cello instead of bass, this is a band paving new musical roads. Audiences are captivated by the top-notch musicianship, wide-ranging styles and engaging performance.

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Brazen Crush has recorded three demo tracks which can be heard here and at their web site. Recorded by James Paul at Rogue Sound in February 2007.

Set List

Brazen Crush can perform up to an hour of material.