Brazil and Beyond

Brazil and Beyond


Brazilian and world music is the band's forte, featuring the rhythm-rich samba, bossa nova, and choro. Part of Detroit's music melting pot for years, the band's members are well versed in standard American music. We can perform from a dou on up


Formed in 1998, we came together because of our love of the different forms of music found in Brazil. We use authenic instrumentation and play styles indigenous to the country but unfarmiliar here (choro, afoxe, etc.). There is more to Brazilian music than Samba and Bossa-Nova.
Amanha was premiered at the 2001 Ford/Detroit International Jazz Festival when we warmed up for internationally renowned Brazilian artist Ivan Lins.


Amanha - 2001 (Voted "Best Sound Recording for 2001 by WEMU radio)
Beatles - 2004 (Detroit Music Award winner for best world recording)
Tico - Tico - 2005
Sounds Of The Holidays - 2006 (Detroit Music Award winner for best world recording)
Streaming audio available though our website

Set List

All instrumental. Sets are anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Our repertoire consists of Brazilian standards, Beatles and jazz and pop selections with a Brazilian twist.