Brazilian Money

Brazilian Money

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

"This Edmonton quintet somehow manages do to lo-fi indie pop in a way that sounds bright and clean, but still credible — and with the right amount of grit to make it genuine. Think of sushi and cigarettes at that after-hours place you’ve always wanted to take her." -Sled Island, 2014


Brazilian Money is an experimental pop/rock band currently residing in MontrĂŠal, Quebec. Mainly the studio project of Garrett Johnson, this band has constantly been morphing since it's inception, at one point or another including members of Alex Calder, Renny Wilson, Homeshake, Freak Heat Waves, Babysitter, Tee Tahs, and others. Freaky guitar pop music with savory hooks, and a large rhythm section.


"Doug Nasty" (Gipper Tore 2012)
Cassette Tape

"Jive With The Killer Instinct" (Self Released 2011)

"This Is Not A Dream" (Totally Disconnected 2011)
Cassette Tape

"Doing What I Want 7" (Totally Disconnected 2010)
7" Vinyl

"Friendly Neighbor" (Self Released 2010)

Set List

It Ain't Over (Til The Fat Lady Sings)
Give Up That Dog
Then You'll Know
Tin Hammer Blues
Ovaltine In the Morning
Safe To Be Sick
We're all going to Die
Party Til I'm Dead
Jazz Bastard
TV Set
Can't Live In A Vacuum
Slowly Soaking Up Some Rays On A Sofa
Why Couldn't I?