We play songs about faraway places, tragic people and warm weather thunderstorms.


David Brown was a runaway in Los Angeles at the age of 15. He has spent his life traveling all over the world and writing poems and songs about the many characters he encountered. He likes to read a lot and mostly writes songs late at night or early in the morning while wearing his underwear. He played saxophone for Beck, The Creatures and others along the way.
Brazzaville are strangely popular in Russia and tour there quite a bit.
With his band, Brazzaville he has recorded 5 CDs: 2002(1998), Somnambulista (2000), Rouge On Pockmarked Cheeks(2002), Hastings Street (2004) and East L.A. Breeze (2006). Web of Mimicry released a greatest hits record in 2004 called Welcome to Brazzaville.


Peach Tree

Written By: David Brown

A thought occurred to me
Lying underneath a peach tree
A moment in the sun

Our funny little lives are so brief
Our frail little bones
We’re here and then we’re gone

Sometimes the lonely days
Turn into the lonely decades
Old ladies on their own

The world they knew has drifted away
Like little puffs of smoke
We’re here and then we’re gone

Mr. Suicide

Written By: David Brown

What kind of a man
What kind of a son
What kind of a guy
Would just up and run

An ill-fated wind
Turned his good luck around
What kind of a man
Would just leave town


So after the fall
The cold winter sun
It seems his best days
Have come and gone

The lights of the train
The cold whistle blows
The sound of relief
From the life he chose

East L.A. Breeze

Written By: David Brown

Winter is fading away
Mockingbirds showed up today
I smell the sea
The East L.A. breeze
The freeways are moving so smoothly

I looked in a coffeehouse door
I couldn’t believe what I saw
No cigarettes
No live instruments
Lonely folks typing on laptops

One more time
Tell me it’s fine
‘Cause when I
When I
Feel this way
Seems like nothin’s
Been OK

Gone is the city I knew
I’m 21st century blue
It all fades away
Like an old summer’s day
We all drift and settle like salt spray

One more time….


2002(1998) (South China Sea, JVC, Soyuz)
Somnambulista (2000) (South China Sea, JVC, Soyuz)
Rouge On Pockmarked Cheeks(2002)(South China Sea, JVC, Soyuz)
Hastings Street (2004) (South China Sea, Soyuz)
Welcome To Brazzaville (Web of Mimicry, Soyuz)
East L.A. Breeze (2006)(South China Sea, Discmedi,Soyuz)

Set List

Our typical set list is 1 and 1/2 hours long and we draw from the over 50 original songs that we have.