Brazz Tree

Brazz Tree

 New York City, New York, USA

"a sublime, surprising, bristling and hearty stew of Irish lyricism, daredevil jazz aerobatics and punk rock moxie.....both the elegance and the energy are off the chain." -Greg Tate, Village Voice


NYC-based violin/guitar duo Brazz Tree continues to astound and endear audiences across the country with their brand of music: New World Acoustic Rock. Though it draws on traditional forms born in places as far-flung as Ireland and India, their Music remains firmly rooted in the exuberant, questing ethos of the New World.

Since they began touring in 2004, Brazz Tree has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and the Netherlands playing colleges and Universities, Theaters, Clubs, Art Centers, church coffeehouses, house concerts and libraries. They have performed at the SXSW Music Festival's World and Eclectic Music stage in Austin, TX and were on the Relix magazine compilation CD, as well as in their "Listen Up" section. Their album Spiral On will be featured in stores around the country in Paste Magazine's recommends section in February 2008. Brazz Tree has received Radio play from across the country including a spotlight on NPR and Acoustic Cafe (ACAFE) as "one to watch". They have performed on the Woodsongs Radio Hour at the Lexington Theater (Lexington, KY) to a sold out crowd, WVIA's Homegrown Music Series and WNYC's Soundcheck with John Schaefer. They were on numerous 'best of 2007' lists including NPR's WNYC's best live performances of 2007.

Brazz Tree's first CD "...Quest..." was released in 2004. It included rising tabla star, Suphala and Jason DiMatteo on double bass. They spent the next year touring and writing before they brought new material to producers Alan Camlet and Pete Thompson. With a bevy of guest artists and guest producer Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz), Brazz Tree's newest creation "Spiral On" is the next step in the evolution of the band with a much more complex sound incorporating electric bass and guitar, drums, loops and samples and a string ensemble. The listener is taken on a musical journey, bringing to mind the music of Peter Gabriel, Fiona Apple and Jefferson Airplane.

"You're not going to hear a more talented duo in a long time."


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Written By: Mazz Swift

Come into my eyes see the world for what it is...lovers analyze; can't afford to hide kids...don't you know there is a world out there that will thrive on love and on clean air.

It's not what you think, Its not necessarily the brink of despair.

Fix the focus on the love of who you are...The hater and the masochist will never go very far...when you do what you do to try and survive and it not for good it's just for show, well there is no honor in self sacrifice...take hold and take flight.

It's not over yet, it's just waiting for your yes.

Kiss Me

Written By: Mazz Swift

Kiss me now under this tree so that we don't have to be in that space where we make each other wait
Or close your eyes and I'll do it first, after all who wants it worse?
I've been so afraid but I'll still find a way with you.

Where are we going?
I don't know
but I think together we will go.
But just so you know
it can't be
bogus between us lovers
For I want too much real love for that...

So kiss me and let be
what is real - forget the rest....

My Blues

Written By: Mazz Swift

I’ve been lying all this time
I’ve been trying to hide this crime
The crime of hiding what I really deel inside
The crime of being so afraid of the turning tides

I’m a fake. I’m a phony.
A pin-box philosopher
A pin-box philosopher, not even big enough for the soap
And all the while, it’s giving me this false sense of hope.

What else is there out there for me?
What else would be better for me to be?

And what about the fact that I know,
And I still won’t go…?
What about… what about…….?

I don’t believe nor do I want to
I can’t conceive of anything else being true…

Somehow, despairs all I’m really fit to do

Calling for a fool,
Falling for the cool……

Story of a man who lost everything

Written By: Brad Hammonds

A Story of a Man that Lost Everything

Swimming back to shore with a sense of worth
I called all of my friends to bring me back again
Laughin’ all the way, taking it all in
Maybe its not the time, but maybe it should begin

This is the story of a man that lost everything x2

Say hello your new lifestyle
Say goodbye to all of your friends
Its gonna take some getting used to
Say hello to your new life

He was just afraid of what other might say
So he stayed in line never questioned his life
But one day it seemed things had changed
The story of a man that lost everything


Its all in the way you perceive your time
What would you do if you lost everything?
Help yourself to a new life
It doesn’t have to be what its not

This is the story of a man that lost everything

Extra vs.
Running back home with the feeling I’m done
I called all of my friends so we could hang again
Dancing all the way, taking it all in
Maybe this is the time, maybe now we’ll begin


String Quartet EP- March 2008!

'Spiral On' (2007)

'...Quest...' (2005)

Stations Playing ...Quest...:

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Set List

Two 40 minute Sets
We play mostly original songs but we throw in a couple cover songs every once in a while:

White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
(You Better) Love Me Before I Am Gone - Brian Jonestown Massacre

Irish Songs - The Blacksmith, The Night Visit, Raglan Road

An occasional Astor Piazzolla tune