Brazz Tree

Brazz Tree


A marriage of Roots Rock, Celtic, Indian, jazz, and ambient that breathes an elegant and esteemed vibe... You're not going to hear a more talented duo in a long time. - J-Sin


NYC-based violin/guitar duo Brazz Tree continues to astound and endear audiences across the country with their new brand of music: New World Acoustic Rock (otherwise known as Music NWAR). Though it draws on traditional forms born in places as far-flung as Ireland and India, Music NWAR remains firmly rooted in the exuberant, questing ethos of the New World. Says violinist/vocalist Mazz Swift, "I call it New World Acoustic Rock because it comes from the New World and it's world music as you've never heard it before."

Brazz Tree was created in 2004, when guitarist Brad Hammonds answered Mazz's craigslist ad for a collaborator. They released Â…QuestÂ…, their debut album of original songs, in November 2005, and began touring in early 2006. Since then, they've performed at colleges, cafes, bars and concert halls across the U.S. and the Netherlands. They've also appeared at venues such as BAM CAFE, the Knitting Factory, the Blue Note, and Rockwood Music Hall, in their native New York. Their second album, Spiral On, is due out in the Summer of 2007.
Though they tour with neither a drummer nor a bassist, Brazz Tree's versatility on strings allows them to create a remarkably wide range of musical experience. Towards the dizzying end of a Norwegian reel, they sound like mad dueling maniacs, spurring their instruments to go faster and faster. On slower songs, Brad's percussive guitar riffs lay a rhythmic foundation for Mazz's soaring melodies. And in the rare moments when Mazz sings and fiddles at once, it sounds like she's intertwining two voices.

They were selected to perform at the 2006 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, 2006 CMEAS Tour in Holland, the 2006 NACA National Convention in Boston, 2006 NACA-WEST Conventon in Reno, 2006 NXNE Festival in Toronto, the Temecula Valley Film Festival, and the Dewey Beach Music Festival in Dewey DE. They are on the Relix magazine compilation cd for the April/May 2006 issue, and in their "Listen Up" section in the September 2006 issue, and have received Radio play from across the country including a spotlight on NPR and Acoustic Cafe (ACAFE) as "one to watch"...



'Spiral On'- (To Be Released July 2007)

Set List

Two 40 minute Sets
We play mostly original songs but we throw in a couple cover songs every once in a while:

White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
(You Better) Love Me Before I Am Gone - Brian Jonestown Massacre