Breach These Walls

Breach These Walls

 Victorville, California, USA


Hey there everyone, Welcome to the Breach These Walls facebook! We are a Metal core/ Punk/ Rock band located in the Inland Empire here in Southern California. In BTW we all share the same passion for music and have came to the realization that the current music scene is flooded with a bunch of bullshit "music"(not everyone) and want to bring back the fun and heart to live shows and build relationships with the people who like our music or just want to hangout, no more auto friend and comment adders or rockstar attitudes... We wish to become something more then the over night sensation and will work for what we want hoping to earn ourselves the ultimate goal of playing music for a living, and if not, well... who cares? we will still do what we love to do! So come hang out, check out some cool live shows and share the love of music with us! hope to see and hear from you soon!

Set List

1. Searching
2. Behind Your Smile
4.Intent to Kill
5. Welcome to Reality