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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1995
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Toronto indie band "bringing back the Rock""

In a day where music is more a commodity than art being pumped out like squeeze-cheese by corporate stiffs pushing the next big thing, it's refreshing to see that there are some out there who refuse to give in to the industry lie and take a chance on what they believe is the real thing. Breadfan is bringing back the heavy in Heavy Metal--they're turning it up to eleven, roughing-up the distortion and letting the music do the talking. Breadfan's heavy mix of Hard Rock with a dash of Punk will perform a felony assault on your ears, leaving you begging for more. But listening is one thing. These guys must no only be heard, they must be seen as well.

"Breadfan Rocks!!"

Local hard rockers and showstoppers!! Check them out. - Toronto Sun

"Breadfan 2007Indie week finalist!!"

Breadfan vote best band of the night, move onto the Indie week finals!! -

"Breadfan rocks indie week"

The big winners for the night played the last set. Toronto Hard Rock band Breadfan is definitely worth seeing. If you just listen to their disk, or hear them on their MySpace page, you don't the full effect. Guitarist/singer Jason has a great voice, and chose great progressions for the songs, and bassist Albert really does a great job holding the songs together, keeping the flow. I was most impressed with the drumming. Nelson provides a great driving force. A metal drummer that, again, sounds best live. Even though the whole night was full of metal and hard rock bands, Breadfan stood out in the drumming department. Precision double kick with lots of rolls.

"Raw energy!!"

Every one wants it, not everyone has it – energy. Raw energy can be even harder to come by. It is however, the reason Ignition Live’s selection team liked this band and choose them to be an ‘Ignition Live’ Featured Artist.
We would like to introduce ‘Breadfan’ the brothers, Jason and Nelson Borges along with their family relative Albert formed Breadfan almost 10 years ago. Today they are about to release their fourth Indie recording. Based out of Toronto Ontario Canada the band plays mostly in Southern Ontario with the occasional road trip to other parts of Canada and the US.
We asked Breadfan about their music, if there was a market for what they created and what the future looked like for the band. Nelson took the lead on our questions and boiled down much of what the band is all about to this: ‘Have fun’. He continued ‘defiantly, in the U.S., Europe and Japan. They love their hard rock music.’
Therefore, what do we think of this Independent trio out of Toronto Canada? Though the band classifies themselves as ‘hard rock’ we think they have a much broader appeal. Enough can not be said about the level of energy Breadfan throws out evident even in their recorded material.
The band also has a certain ‘attitude’ that is hard to describe and likely very worth while checking out live. It has been a struggle for these guys, as it is with other Independent Canadian Artists, though their perseverance and dedication to their dream continues to move onward.


This thing of ours (2014)
Culture Vulture (2010)
Breadfan (2008)
Hatari (2006)
Coming Again (2005)
Chicanery Addicto (2004)
Hiding the downside (2001)
Wiltshire (1998)



Hailing from Toronto/Guelph, Breadfan is reminding people what its like to be heavy; to turn up the amps, hit the distortion, and let the music speak for itself. Breadfan is a true rock n roll band influenced by punk, rock and metal with a sound that is intensely solid. For over a decade, they have stayed true to their heavy metal and rock roots and have gained momentum playing numerous shows over the years at legendary Toronto venues. They also toured in Southern Ontario, Quebec and in the eastern United States. Their live performance showcase Breadfan's intense heavy style, stripping the music down to its essentials and defiantly sticking to their approach. Their sound is comprised of  Jason Borges (vocals/guitars)jagged, distorted guitar playing infused with his Brother Nelson Borges (drums), pulverizing pounding beats at hyper speeds, with Albert Resendes on bass. It's been a long climb for Breadfan, but they are confident in themselves and there music. Besides they are just having too much fun to worry about anything else.

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