Bread of Stone

Bread of Stone


Bread of Stone is a national touring Christian band with a heart for ministry.


Stepping out of the conventional ways of a band's evolution, Bread of Stone has established their foothold in the music scene.

After the release of their self-produced album Broken Vessels, the group has been privileged with many incredible opportunities to expand their musical horizon. In the fall of 2005, Bread of Stone found themselves on Petra's International Farewell Tour, which also included the group Farewell June and recording artist Sarah Brendel. Other tour experience includes The Lifelight Tours, Will Play for Change Tour with Indieheaven, and the 180 Tour with Casting Pearls. Along with their regular performances, the band has teamed up with Song of Solomon Conferences and leads worship for young adults across the nation. By involving themselves with other ministries, the band focuses more than just on music. Bread of Stone has partnered up with Homes of Hope to help families recover from the Hurricane Katrina disaster by helping with the recovery efforts to rebuild the areas affected by the storm and by raising funds.

The release of their full-length sophomore project Letting Go turns a new page in a chapter waiting to be told. The highly anticipated album reflects the band's growth in maturity and creativity, as they venture into new areas of music.

With an entrancing line-up in tact, singer Ben Kristijanto, guitarist Bill Kristijanto, bassist Sean Brown, and drummer Jeremi Hough are sure to grip audiences with an electrifying performance. Furthermore, with hundreds of tour dates and a following on the rise, Bread of Stone is continually expanding their musical boundaries and advancing into new territories.


My Obsession

Written By: Ben Kristijanto

All I have is Yours to own all I am belongs to You alone let my life be an offering to You my Lord and King

Who am I to know Your name oh Lord I'm nothing 'till You came so let my life be an offering to You, my Lord and King unto You this song I sing

Lord this is my only true obsession to let myself be in Your possession refine me until You find me pleasing unto You this song I sing

©2004 Kristijanto Music Publishing Co. / ASCAP / All rights reserved.

I Can't Wait

Written By: Ben Kristijanto

In the morning I will rise to life the day will come when everything is gonna be alright the sky will open up and His light will shine through He's coming back a second time for me and you

I can still hear Him say no one knows the day the Lord is coming again like a second-story man so I'll pray everyday Lord keep me in Your way until its time for You to come

I will rise up to the sky and see Your glory all around me all the while I feel Your love overwhelm my heart I can't wait for that day

More and more I see Your prophecies are coming true this world believes in Itself but I believe in You / You rose up from the dead and told us not to be mislead I'll hold on to the things You said

The sun will darken the moon obscure the stars will fall for sure the trumpets will sound loud and clear The Son of Man is here

©2004 Kristijanto Music Publishing Co. / ASCAP / All rights reserved.

Broken Vessels

Written By: Ben Kristijanto

A life full of misery pain and Agony why did it happen to Me filled with brokenness Strife and bitterness why Did it happen to me

Like an earthen vase that’s Fallen in disgrace why did it Happen to me shrapnel on The ground hurting those Around why did it happen To me

I can’t change what has Happened to me but from This vase Your glory shines
Through the cracks and the Gapping lines to touch Broken vessels

Though life goes on what Has been can’t be undone Why did it happen to me I Know the reason why this Shattered vase You did not Hide so You can shine Through me

©2004 Kristijanto Music Publishing Co. / ASCAP / All rights reserved.


Broken Vessels - Released in May of 2004. Contains the hit single "I Can't Wait"
Letting Go - Coming April 3, 2007. Available for Pre-Buy March 3, 2007

Set List

Our set list usually contains some of our original songs, and other well known praise and worship songs. Although the set typically goes for one hour, we are able to adjust to your request.