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Makes you wanna get crunk on the floor, dance in the car while driving - without sacrificing true lyricism.


Formerly of a 4 man team called FIGGA 4, these two have set out to take their music to the next level. “Dog Wit It”, the first song from their upcoming LP, is flooding the streets of Central Virginia.

In house produced by Gully Jewelz, BreadWinnaz’ first release is a playful, dance-inspiring, club track. But don’t be fooled. This is not another trend-riding, wanna-be snap-music rap group.

Duality is the perfect word for the description of BREADWINNAZ as a group, but also for the VA hip hop scene. Like the state of VA itself, the group mixes East Coast/Up North bravado with Down South attitude and independence.


Current Singles: "Dog Wit It"
Next Single: "In My Blood", "More Time", "Waitin on the BreadTruck"

LP: "Full Time Hussle, Part Time Grind" TBR Sept. 06
Online Streaming: "Dog Wit It" @

Stage Performance Clippings: (coming soon)

Set List

15 minute set
--Gully Jewelz Freestyle to Industry Beat 2 minutes
--Dog Wit It 3:30
--ManKyne Freestyle to Industry Beat 2 minutes
--Never Have to Doubt Me 3:30
--Im A BreadWinna - 4:00