Breagh Potter

Breagh Potter


A fun folk-pop mix with a soulful twist, and hooks that stick.


For better or worse, Breagh Potter has always worn her heart on her sleeve, if not both. A self-proclaimed romantic, the sweet and soulful singer-songwriter soaks up the beauty in whatever she finds around her. And although she tells it like it is, raw and truthful, she manages to take the bleakest winter day in Halifax and turn it into playful and tender poetry. With thoughtful lyrics and a keen ear for melody Breagh delivers a folk-pop sound that holds hints of Billie Holiday and Paolo Nutini, finding the fine balance between charming acoustic simplicity and a contemporary twist on classic vocal stylings. She tells her stories of loss, love and growth with a voice so commanding, it can't be ignored.

Growing up on Cape Breton Island, a community culturally infused with the arts, Breagh’s upbringing instilled in her a solid love and appreciation for music. She started early, lending her voice to school choirs which lead to dropping jaws at coffee house performances and soon a hobby had morphed into a career goal. In 2006, with golden ticket in hand, Breagh headed to Toronto with scads of other hopefuls itching to be the next Canadian Idol. While she won't give the show too much credit for helping to shape her sound...the experience opened her eyes to the importance of embracing originality and stepping outside the expected. And so began her adventures in songwriting.

After lending her voice to Halifax indie-rockers The Lucy Grays and Cape Breton's renowned Tom Fun Orchestra, Breagh discovered a new appreciation for collaboration and the contagious energy that comes from playing with a group. In Fall 2010, she reeled in a four piece band, reviving her poetic lyrics with an alternative country sound that compliments her rich, emotive vocal stylings and her honest and passionate performances.

With the help of her band-mates Eric Leclerc, Liam Finney, Adam White and Nick Everett Breagh's debut album came to fruition over six cold days of recording in a home studio in December 2010. She feverishly awaits the June 3rd release of her 6 track EP, Hey There July and the coinciding summer tour of Atlantic Canada.