This band is Live Analog fused w/ Digital Tech. Their music is performed by a DJproducer & live musicians..real-time performing, no loops. Their energy is more live than the average hybrid. BREAK musicians consistently push the envelope bringing hi-energy, live music, and dj culture together.


"The concept of BREAK has been tested and refined in various incarnations over the the last 12+ years.

Flanked by touring musicians on turntables, drumset, synthesizer-driven melodies and thick basslines, BREAK is perhaps one of the U.S.'s most under-recognized yet highly heralded live electronic groups. They dont mind the pace of recognition, for them its all about the fans getting it.
Fame isn't their focus so its evident that they will continue to evolve and contribute an important chapter to the History of Live Progressive Music."

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JESSE BREDE is a Texas musician, guitarist, & professional DJ. He has built a solid fanbase over the last several years as a prominent member of the SemiAudiks & Slow Motion Music, two of Austin Texas' most renowned DJ collectives. Jesse has opened for artists like Josh Wink, Kaskade, Sander Kleinenberg, Chris Fortier, Sandra Collins and many others.

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BREAK's drummer eVL_e has literally searched across the U.S. for the ideal performers to complete the vision of executing tasteful, live electronic music typically performed by only a deejay and turntables.
He provides the human element of the breakbeats, is known for machine-like live drum-and-bass athleticism ( avg 3-4 hour sets) and his touring credits speak volumes.
Perspective, BREAK's long standing emcee / conscious lyricist, rounds out the core of this line-up with his immediately recognizable delivery and melodic flow.

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Set List

Depending on the event, 1 - 5 hours DJ / live mixes of midtempo, glitch, breakbeat, broken beat, house and funk.