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Breakage Rising

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Demo 2004, LIVE Battle of the bands!, 98.5 Bone-a-fide kings of rock, The Black Halo Effect 2006, Monster Energy Drink battle of the bands @ Traxx.



Breakage Rising is a metal band that has not forgotten the true origins of what heavy metal music should sound like and what bands made it a household name. Breakage Rising are poised to shatter the misconceptions of generic music and remind people of what redefining creativity sounds like, much like the greats Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeth and Metallica that helped shape heavy metal. Their music and their lyrics reflect the golden days of metal and rock in all of its glory while giving it a fresh new update. Vocalist Matt Hunter, lead guitarist Sonny Angell, Rhythm Guitarist Cliff Henriksen Bassist Chris D'Alessio and drummer Chris Meehan all having their own individual backgrounds help create a melting pot that is a true amalgamation of the attractive aspects found in all styles of music. Meehan is fond of classic rock, Angell prefers technical 80’s metal, D'Alessio tastes range from classical to jazz to heavy metal, Hendriksen is pulled to the styles of hardcore and metal while hunter maintains an interest in rock oriented music. The extreme diversity in stylistic influences when combined results in the heart and soul of Breakage Rising, and like their name implies they are coming up to show the world what music should represent. After forming in 2003 with original guitarist Adam Glass, Original vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist James King and current Drummer Chris Meehan. The newly donned band began to write songs at a breakneck pace. Not long after they played their first backyard show personal tensions arose between the band and Glass left. On the same day he took his gear, and the name ‘Atavus.’ King made a desperate phone call to Angell, who had responded to an ad online. Within 3 months they had changed their name, recorded their first demo and started booking shows. After winning 1st place in a Battle of the Bands and kicking serious ass at every show they played they began to realize the true power of their music. In the first week of January 2006 King made a phone call to D'Alessio (Formerly of Diversion and D.O.T) for a bass audition. D'Alessio's musical knowledge and overall technique impressed the band greatly, along with D'Alessio's magnetic personality, he became a member almost the same day. The completed breakage Rising began promoting there new CD at a fast performing all over Long Island and New York City. In June of 2006 the demands of the band proved to be too much for founding member James King, and he gracefully quit. It was at this time Meehan made a call to co-worker and supporter of breakage rising Cliff Henriksen (Formerly of Shovel Head) to audition for the recent vacancy. Cliffs overall ability, presence and dedication to music landed him the rhythm guitar position. Over the next few months the band began writing new material at a very slow pace, during this period the band had been frantically searching for a singer as well as a new place to practice. The band had become very stagnant with no hope in sight and was about to call it quits when singer Joey Mauceri (formerly of Smother Teresa) joined the band in June 2007. Breakage Rising finally got back on track writing more music and getting a studio. September 2007 Joey annouced he would unfortunately be leaving the band do to personal reasons. Again Breakage Rising was in the market for a new singer, in the December of 2007 Matt Hunter (Formerly of Scarabis) joined the current line up of breakage Rising. Hunter proved himself to be a talented singer and lyricist. The band now complete has set forth a goal, ultimately, creating and performing music that is of no specific genre. Our sound has the speed and technical proficiency found in the 80's, the grooves and breakdowns of the 90's, intricate bass and drums and soaring singing melodies that culminate together to form a new breed of music that is influenced by all styles