Breakfast of Champions
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Breakfast of Champions

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Breakfast of Champions"

Check out Breakfast of Champions! Truly, a breakfast for champions. Reminds me of The Hives with The Strokes with Neutral Milk Hotel, some Beirut – I’m just gonna stop listing bands that sound like their tasty, unique sound. -

"Breakfast of Champions"

Formed in 2007, this indie rock group from Boston has been seeing a lot of buzz recently, and for damned good reason. They don’t have a very deep playlist yet, but everything I’ve heard from them is just drop-dead amazing.

Their songs move from soulful, beautiful, elegant tracks (“London Fashion”) to toe-tapping, guitar-laden gyrations that will simply amaze you. Hell, why they’re at it, they should add in some trumpets. Done.

Take a listen and see if you agree with me, these guys are gonna be H.U.G.E. -

"C.D. On Songs: Breakfast of Champions - “Reservoir""

It’s getting nice out there, you can sort of see the sidewalks again, and everyone wants to go out power walking. Around the lake. Around the neighborhood, wherever. But you need some energy to kick you out of your seat and get you moving. The appropriately named Breakfast of Champions seize the day with their charismatically upbeat “Reservoir” that pounds the pavement, pumps its fists, and generally gets thing moving.

The circulatory system of “Reservoir” flows briskly, thanks to an upwardly mobile beat and a bright, sunny arrangement. Even if most of this song’s light is produced electronically, the track’s temperature remains warm and decidedly not-harsh. The sounds of the track aren’t the only thing keeping things upbeat, the underlying melody of “Reservoir” is perhaps the peppiest portion of the piece; bouncing up and down like one of those bouncy balls that is guaranteed to bounce 75’ even though you’d like like an idiot testing out their claims in the toys section of Target.

The energizing action of this track does not give up - it maintains for the entire just-over 4 minute life of the song. It does leave some residual energy with the listener, even after the beats have stopped beating and the horns have stopped bleating. The brisk flow of “Reservoir” is what leaves the song’s mark; and it is a high-water mark that shows where the track has been. -

"Mailbag: Volume 3, Breakfast of Champions"

In trying to come up with a way to describe this song, I arrived at ‘elemental’. The components are not especially exotic (percussion, very light synth, bass, lead guitar, distinctive vocals, horns), but there’s an elegance in the simplicity of ‘Reservoir’.

What I like especially about the song is that it was mixed such that at any instant you can hone in on an individual component of the track. Too much music now devolves into a cacophonous wall of sound, and all the detail is obscured. Breakfast of Champions provides a track here that has stunning clarity without sacrificing texture.

It’s also subversively catchy; proof pudding that all politics is local, I really ended up enjoying the tune a lot. -


Twelve Minutes North EP
London Fashion - Single
Reservoir/Outta This Place - Single

All our material can be downloaded for free at



Breakfast of Champions is a Boston-based indie rock group beginning to make a strong impression on the local music scene. They've been received enthusiastically at local clubs (including the Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs) and have been featured on local radio shows, including The Boston Local Music Show on Unregular Radio, Pipeline on WMBR, and Boston Emissions on WZLX. Their songs have also received a number of favorable write-ups on indie music blogs. Most notably, they were recently named one of ten finalists in the national Get Out of the Garage Music Contest, which included close to 4000 entries.

This summer, Breakfast of Champions aims to release a full-length album and complete a short tour of the East Coast. To hear their recorded material, go to To get in contact, e-mail